Tired of dealing with multiple technology vendors?  You can look to Altek to provide managed services for all of your business technology.  You'll benefit from our full portfolio of managed services, content management software and imaging systems like printers and multifunction systems.  

Unique Approach

We take a unique approact to managing your technology.  It begins with looking at your business goals.  Then we look for creative ways to work inside your current technology environment to lower costs, improve productivity and reduce your environmental footprint.  Learn more»

Proactive Support

Most technology support is reactive:  something critical in your business breaks and you sit idle waiting for one of your technology vendors to come help.  Simply put, this reactive approach no longer works for today's technology-centered business processes.  With Altek you get a proactive approach that anticipates issues and solves them in advance.  Learn more»

Experienced Team

When you choose Altek to manage your technology it's like you just added an entire team of people to your organization.  You get a team of fully-certified professionals with a broad array of technology experience.  Best of all: they live right here in your home town.  Learn more»

Powerful Partners

You need the right technology for your business.  We continually evaluate the latest technologies looking for ideas that are ready to implement to help our clients improve their business.  When you choose Altek you get access to our portfolio of technology partners.  Learn more»

Happy Clients

All of this sounds great, but the real question is, "Can you deliver?"  The best people to answer this question are the other local organizations we serve.  Read what they have to say and you'll feel confident that Altek can manage all of your technology needs.  Learn more»

To learn more about how you could benefit from our unique approach to managing technology contact us today.