Reduce the Costs of Your Print Environment


Did you know that documents can cost your business up to 3% of your annual revenue? And a large portion of this expense comes from office printing. However, when properly managed, you can reduce your printing expense by nearly 30% while simultaneously increasing productivity in your office.iStock_000003117570Small

The first step to decreasing costs is to centralize the purchase of printer supplies. Often times, print supplies are purchased by individuals or departments. Furthermore, print cartridge expenses become buried in supply budget lines, making print costs impossible to track.

By centralizing your printer supply purchasing, you will be able to take advantage of several vital benefits, including:

· Management Control: By moving printer operation costs from departmental supply budgets to a single manageable line item you will be able to easily identify the areas that have the highest print costs

· Lower Costs: Take advantage of centralized purchasing by consolidating print cartridge purchasing. Supply orders can be made in bulk and inventory can be reduced to lower total costs.

All it takes to start saving is a print management assessment. We can help you identify printer cost savings and employ tactics to lead to a more profitable print environment. To learn more, contact us today.