Relieve Your IT Department with MPS


It is very easy for your IT team to become overwhelmed by end user issues and lose sight of your company’s core business initiatives. Many of these end user issues relate to office printing. Paper jams, offline systems and supply shortages consume IT professionals because rarely can they fix these issues remotely.

How can I help you? Luckily, there is a solution. Managed Print Services (MPS) can help your IT personnel focus on their tasks. Furthermore, MPS will make your entire printer fleet more efficient and cost effective by eliminating printer management from the tasks of your IT team and providing the following services:

· On Site Service: A certified technician will come to your office to take care of any service issues with your devices.

· Maintenance: Like all mechanical devices, printers require maintenance. With MPS, your devices will receive preventative maintenance to minimize printer downtime.

· Help Desk Support: MPS provides your end users with a number to call for all their printing questions, reducing distractions to your IT department.

· Supplies Management: Manage Print Services will monitor supplies for all your various devices. You will receive supplies as necessary to avoid extra storage needs without being stuck without supplies when necessary.

IT resources are critical to the success of your company. Now you can ensure your IT department can stay focused by enrolling in Managed Print Services.