One of the biggest challenges with a Document Management system is importing all of the data.  Once a document is scanned it needs to be indexed and stored.  This process can be automated with Capture software.  This software can read data from your scanned documents and automatically index the document with this data.

Automated Document Indexing

Utilizing OCR technology or 1D and 2D barcodes, a document that is to be added to an electronic document management database can be automatically indexed. This technology allows for documents to be immediately and readily available for search and retrieval across a network.  Document capture is the foundational technology for workflow automation. When scanning is complete, the extracted data is immediately available to trigger automated workflows to streamline business processes.

Automated Application Data Entry

Whether your documents are structured (the same format every time, such as survey forms), semi-structured (similar format every time, such as vendor invoices), or unstructured (the format is different every time, as in correspondence from customers), data entry can be automated to streamline your processes. Extracted data can be automatically transferred to business applications such as accounting and inventory systems or CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

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