Cloud Services

Everyone is talking about "the cloud."  Simply put, cloud services allow you to access software applications that used to only be available to enterprise-sized companies.  You can access these software applications for a cost-per-seat without having the capital expense of servers and operating expense of a large I.T. staff.  Altek helps you choose and deploy cloud services that help increase your productivity.  As a Microsoft partner we bring you a full portfolio of cloud solutions that can be scaled to any size business.


We can help you set up a secure email platform for your business with a virtual Exchange server.  You'll get all of the benefits of secure email, shared calendars and collaboration without having to give all of your company data to companies like Google.


Many small businesses are realizing the dangers of sharing files on services like Dropbox.  Employees have their own Dropbox account.  This means that when they leave the company they can still access their files.  We can help you enjoy collaboration without the risk by implementing a secure file-sharing service.

Document Management

Many companies are looking for ways to streamline productivity by integrating paper and digital information in their workflows.  We can help you deploy a cloud-based document management system using familiar platforms like Microsoft SharePoint that allow you to share scanned paper information across your business.

To learn more about how you could benefit from our proactive approach to cloud services contact us today.