Document Routing

Document Routing allows you to route documents as they are scanned. At Altek Business Systems, we deliver solutions that allow you to direct scanned documents to virtually any location.  This empowers workflow automation, saving you money while improving your operations.

The most common document destinations include:

Scan to Your Document Management System

You can route documents directly into folders on your Document Management System.  The documents could be scanned to an inbox where they are manually processed.  Or they could be automatically indexed and stored in your Document Management System using Capture technologies.

Scan to Email Addresses

Scanned documents can be sent to one or more email addresses.  You can do this from the control panel of a Multifunction System.  Your address book can even be integrated with the same address book you use in your email system using LDAP protocols.

Scan to Accounting or ERP System

Imagine being able to scan an invoice directly into your accounting or ERP system.  That way users could easily pull up documents for reference when talking to a customer or researching an account.  This is possible by integrating Document Routing and  Document Management technologies.

Document Routing can help to provide superior workflow for your office. To learn more about document routing programs, contact us today.