Green Initiatives

Are you concerned about the environmental impact of your business?  There are several practical things you can do that can also save you money.  Here are a few of our green initiatives.

Toner Cartridge Recycling

One of the biggest sources of landfill waste from an office is printer cartridges.  Fortunately these cartridges can be remanufactured and re-used.  Altek offers toner cartridge recycling.  Simply keep your used toner cartridges and we will pick them up when we come to service your network, printers or copiers. 

Reducing Paper Usage

While trees are a renewable resource, the process of producing paper is not very environmentally friendly.  We help you reduce your paper usage through duplex (two-sided) printing, electronic document management and rules-based printing that asks users if they really need to print a document.


Studies show that it takes one tree to create 8,500 pieces of copy paper.  That's roughly 1 tree per case of paper.  Altek is actively involved in local re-forestation efforts.  Our goal is to replant a tree for each case of paper our clients use.  Since most of our clients are on cost-per-page agreements we are able to know the number of trees we need to replace on a monthly basis.

Equipment Recycling

Computers, printers and copiers contain components that are harmful to the environement if they are not properly disposed of.  Instead of throwing these devices into a landfill our support team disassemble devices, separating the circuit boards, plastic and metal.  Then, the components are properly recycled.
Altek is committed to helping you reduce the environmental impact of your office.  To learn more about how you could benefit, contact us today.