Office Systems

Your office depends on the smooth flow of information.  Printers, copiers, multifunction systems, scanners and fax machines all play an important part in this process.  Altek helps you deploy the right systems to maximize productivity while minimizing expenses.

The Right Systems

Each location in your business has specific needs.  Our printers and multifunction systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  We can help you choose the right systems for each location.

Connected To Your Network

You need to ensure that your systems are correctly connected to your network for printing and scanning.  Our team of certified network professionals ensures your systems are properly connected to your network and company address books. 

With Maximum Security

Many companies overlook security when it comes to printing and copying.  We can help you make sure the systems are installed with encrypted hard drives and user authentication so that you protect your confidential information.

Integrated With Your Processes

The real power of technology comes when it is integrated.  You can look to Altek to fully integrate scanning features with your existing software and document management applications.  We can also customize your control panels to work with your business processes.

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