Nick Cataldi

The Tech Sensei, Copier Master, Document Management Black Belt, and Second Best Round-House Kick to Chuck Norris



Tech Sensei


weak firewalls round-house kicked


bad copiers dominated in the dojo


happiness from serving and solving!

Always available right away or returns call very quickly. Service is almost always same day. They can talk you through your problem without having to come out for a visit. I'm a very happy customer!

– Susan P.

Sales Executive

Nick Cataldi

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Nick, and I believe it is my duty to serve my community to the best of my ability. As your “Tech Sensei”, I will protect your business with my skillful ninja training and wisdom only an IT monk could provide. 

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from West Chester University in May of 2021. While attending West Chester, I balanced academics with athletics as I played on their Varsity Baseball team. After college, I began my studies in the ancient practice of office technology. My journey started in Japan, where I found the mythical IT dojo at the top of Mt. Fuji. With an immense amount of IT training and battles with cyber hackers, I mastered the first element, Information Technologies. I have a great deal of experience and mythical stories I’d love to share. 

Let’s create a fun relationship that’s not just transactional. Now, shall I bring lunch to your office? Sushi is my favorite. Let’s crush some food while I bring your tech into the dojo!


Information Technology

Security, Support, and Infrastructure
Ensuring business continuity for disaster protection and Help Desk Support.

Workflow Solutions

Remote, Collaboration, and Automation
Work anywhere while integrating the software you use everyday.

Print Solutions

Production, Print, Copy, and Scan
Custom tailored solution with the highest rated BLI products and award-winning service

Dojo Match

Upgrade partnered with Entertainment
Receive a custom tailored solution and a powerful TKO of your old tech upon request.


Award-Winning Service

Altek was founded in 1991 with the goal of providing the best service and solutions for their customers. Our focus is providing custom technology environments within individual businesses to aid them in growth. We understand that technology can be the strategic advantage a company needs to be great.

Net Promotor Score (NPS)


Everyone claims their service is the best, but we have the scores to prove it. Over the last 5 years, we have earned “World Class Service” and scoring 95+ by Net Promoter®, placing us in the top 3% of companies in North America! We’d love the opportunity to change the way you look at technology.


Let's schedule a time to talk tech!

By focusing on your business goals, we create an individually tailored solution with today’s cutting edge technology. Every Altek employee knows our success is tied to our client’s success.