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architecture firm

The Best Office Technology for Architecture Firms

Architecture firms make money by providing clients with a design that the client has a vision of. They are working directly with them to construct or renovate and manage their client’s expectations. Architecture firms are always watching their material costs, focusing on being under budget and ahead of schedule, and continually tracking the progress of projects that they are currently

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Why Going Paperless Isn’t Enough for Organizations

Why Going Paperless Isn’t Enough for Organizations

Going Paperless Isn’t Enough Making the transition from paper documents to electronic document storage is an important first step in streamlining operations and saving resources. eFiling is a great place to start since it helps satisfy the endless demand for greater online access. eFiling alone, however, typically falls short of expectations and does not achieve one of the most pressing

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automotive dealerships

The Best Office Technology for Automotive Dealerships

How Can Altek Help Automotive Dealerships? An Automotive Dealership’s main goal is profit. The focus for most dealerships is two-fold, both Sales and Service. Both the sales and service process include many steps, and involves other departments like parts and admin, and required documentation, both at the dealerships level and the state and federal level. At Altek, we can help

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