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Best document management software systems – The goal of the paperless office may seem out of reach for most companies. In fact, it may appear that our offices are actually going in the opposite direction of achieving that goal. At Altek Business Systems, we understand that efficient electronic document management solutions will give greater efficiency to your office by reducing the complication of storing, routing and retrieving your documents.

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We provide document management solutions that integrate these powerful technologies:

Document Management Systems

Build a secure, searchable library of information with an Electronic Document Management System. Read More»

Electronic Forms

Replace pre-printed forms with electronic forms you can easily customize. Reduce your costs in producing invoices, statements, delivery documents and other forms your system creates for you. Read More»

Document Routing

Distribute scanned documents to multiple fax numbers, email addresses and network locations with professional document routing solutions. Read More»


Read information from scanned documents and export that information to your database. You can even use the information to index documents in a document management system. Read More»

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Document Management

Electronic document management systems are centralized data management systems designed to store, index and allow secure access to documents in an electronic format. Through our integrated document management systems partners like DocuWare and SharePoint we deliver flexible solutions that can be customized to your workflow.

Business processes as simple as storage and retrieval of information can be improved by moving to a qualified document management system. The ability to retrieve a document with the click of a mouse can significantly enhance your office efficiency. If you have business processes that need to be automated, an electronic document management system can provide that capability.

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Document Management Systems have many benefits, including the ability to:

Streamline Workflow

Automate the flow of information through your business processes.  Scanned documents can be automatically routed to specific users or locations for processing or approval.  Using electronic forms, documents like invoices can also go directly into your document management system as they are printing or after they are digitally signed.  This reduces the time lag between departments and virtually eliminates lost documents.

Enable Collaboration

Everyone that needs access to paper or digital information will be able to find it instantly whether they are in the office, working from a remote office or in the field.  Sharing documents in a document management system will open up new levels of collaboration.  Where it makes sense you can even provide access for your customers or vendors to access their documents.

Create a Disaster Recovery Strategy

What would happen if your business suffered a flood, fire or other natural disaster?  With all of your critical information stored in a document management system and backed up off site you can rest assured that your business could continue.  Document management is an important and often overlooked component of any Data Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy.

Enhance Security

Paper based files cannot be password protected.  Scanned documents in a document management system are protected by passwords.  You can decide which users can access which documents.  The system also keeps a log of the documents a user has viewed.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Many federal, state and local regulations mandate the privacy and security of personal information.  Most businesses have some level of medical information on their employees and financial information on their clients.  Document management helps you create a secure repository to protect this information.

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Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms technology allows you to direct output from your line-of-business software applications to any printer on your network.  The data can be imposed on an electronic form and even re-formatted before printing, eliminating the need for pre-printed forms.  Your business will benefit by replacing pre-printed forms, enabling electronic signatures and conducting personalized one-on-one marketing on your client-facing documents.

We’ve seen many clients streamline their business processes and reduce cost utilizing the latest electronic forms technology.  Here are some of the things you can do.

Replace Pre-printed Forms

If you are using pre-printed forms, you are likely spending a lot of money to maintain those forms. In some cases, the pre-printed form can cost as much as 15 cents per part. That means that a three part form can cost as much as 45 cents.  By printing your variable form content at the same time as the form on your low cost multi-function device, your business can significantly reduce your costs in producing invoices, statements, delivery documents and other forms your system creates for you.

Get Digital Signatures

Electronic forms allow you to capture signatures on a tablet or smart phone directly onto the form.  These signatures are attached to the form itself.  Once signed the form can automatically be sent to the appropriate person/department for processing and also get archived in a Document Management System.

One-on-One Marketing

From your accounting system or customer relationship management system, you have a vast amount of data about your customers at your disposal. You have the ability to see your customers’ buying habits as well as their buying history. Using variable data printing technology and your multi-function system, you can create compelling one-on-one marketing materials that are highly personalized for your customers’ individual buying habits.

Direct Output to Multiple Locations

Your data needs to be available across multiple locations. Some of your customers may want their invoices mailed, faxed or emailed. You may need to print a copy for yourself at the same time. Perhaps you have an electronic document management system where you store an image of all your documentation. With eform technology, you can have a copy of the document distributed automatically to the location of your choice. Moreover, these documents will be automatically sent to all locations you specify.

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Document Routing

Document Routing allows you to route documents as they are scanned. At Altek Business Systems, we deliver solutions that allow you to direct scanned documents to virtually any location.  This empowers workflow automation, saving you money while improving your operations.

The most common document destinations include:

Scan to Your Document Management System

You can route documents directly into folders on your Document Management System.  The documents could be scanned to an inbox where they are manually processed.  Or they could be automatically indexed and stored in your Document Management System using Capture technologies.

Scan to Email Addresses

Scanned documents can be sent to one or more email addresses.  You can do this from the control panel of a Multifunction System.  Your address book can even be integrated with the same address book you use in your email system using LDAP protocols.

Scan to Accounting or ERP System

Imagine being able to scan an invoice directly into your accounting or ERP system.  That way users could easily pull up documents for reference when talking to a customer or researching an account.  This is possible by integrating Document Routing and  Document Management technologies.

Document Routing can help to provide superior workflow for your office. To learn more about document routing programs, contact us today.


One of the biggest challenges with a Document Management system is importing all of the data.  Once a document is scanned it needs to be indexed and stored. This process can be automated with Capture software.  This software can read data from your scanned documents and automatically index the document with this data.

Automated Document Indexing

Utilizing OCR technology or 1D and 2D barcodes, a document that is to be added to an electronic document management database can be automatically indexed. This technology allows for documents to be immediately and readily available for search and retrieval across a network.  Document capture is the foundational technology for workflow automation. When scanning is complete, the extracted data is immediately available to trigger automated workflows to streamline business processes.

Automated Application Data Entry

Whether your documents are structured (the same format every time, such as survey forms), semi-structured (similar format every time, such as vendor invoices), or unstructured (the format is different every time, as in correspondence from customers), data entry can be automated to streamline your processes. Extracted data can be automatically transferred to business applications such as accounting and inventory systems or CRM (customer relationship management) systems.

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