Proactive MonitoringAltek Business System’s Proactive Monitoring Plan is part of our Managed Services. See below how Proactive Management improves productivity, increases reliability, and saves money.
Altek’s Proactive Monitoring and Management Plan Includes:

Monitoring 24/7/365 using hosted software

Monitoring all server event logs

Monitoring for proper AV updates and activity

Monitoring backup status, onsite or remote

Monitoring firewall activity

Monitoring hack/spam relay attempts

Monitoring system bottlenecks including processes and ram utilization

Real-Time Inventory collection and reporting

Dedicated remote tech support

What Proactive Monitoring does for You

Top Three Results Organizations See from Proactive Monitoring

  • Improved Productivity- Most problems display warning signs of some sort before becoming critical issues. Unchecked, these signs can become a problem any moment and affect the work day. Catching it before it happens reduces downtime and increases productivity.
  • Improved Reliability- The newest equipment may not perform well if there are small problems still occurring upon replacement. Making sure that everything on your network is being monitored increases the reliability of all of your equipment.
  • Save Money- Improved Productivity and Increased Reliability leads directly to more profits. Spend less on equipment that is being monitored and treated right, avoid costly repairs and replacements of equipment, and be confident that your network is being watched and performing to it’s full capacity.

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