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Disaster Recovery Services

An appropriate disaster recovery plan can help to prepare your business for the unexpected. Companies operating in Telford, PA, can enjoy the top-rated IT disaster recovery services from Altek. We offer customized solutions designed to meet your specific needs to identify and eliminate all threats to the IT infrastructure.

Our Disaster Recovery Services

Companies have highly sensitive information that can threaten their reputation and operation if accessed by intruders. Our experts offer services to ensure you have the best data loss prevention.

It would help if you had the right tools and solutions to prevent your business from data loss. The disaster recovery plan is critical for business continuity. Several disasters are known to wreak havoc on IT organizations. They are increasingly frequent and cost companies millions of dollars while some close down.

Attacks that lead to data loss include:

  • Natural disasters like wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes
  • Rampant cyberattacks
  • Equipment failures and sudden power outages.

Most companies have an automated backup strategy in place. Sometimes, many carry out the process to remain compliant with regulations. However, the backup strategy you use determines your business security.

You need to keep the system up to date with new technologies that crop up. Any outdated physical hardware, such as hard drives, US devices, network servers, takes a lot of space and costs you money, yet they are susceptible to data loss with the events mentioned above.

Our technicians tailor their network disaster recovery plan to meet your unique business needs. They look for loopholes in your network that can be risky and eliminate all threats before they occur. We also constantly monitor and update the antivirus software and firewall used in your devices to help you stay relevant amidst the ever-changing cyber-attack tricks.

With the increasing sensitivity of your company data, you need to start using our disaster recovery plan to enable your business to continue running even when systems are down. It gives you a competitive advantage over competitors in the same region where a disaster has put out service. You will also protect your customers’ data, and they can trust you to preserve their data using your robust security system.

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What Is IT Disaster Recovery?

IT disaster recovery is a plan that allows your organization to back up its data and all your IT infrastructure so that you can regain access quickly to your data in case of a disaster. It uses various methods that will keep business data safe and organized for ready use.

It works by replicating your business data and computer processing in another off-premise location that remains intact in case of a breach or disaster. You get your data back from the second location to continue operating without a hitch.

What Can Altek’s Disaster Recovery Solution Do For Your Business?

Altek disaster recovery plan is the best you can use to ensure your business operation continues when disaster strikes. Our professional team ensures you enjoy benefits such as:

  • The best storage solutions to suit your budget, unique needs, and performance requirements
  • Get remote access to your backup data from any geographical location while you operate from Telford, PA
  • Prioritize your security and update your software and firewall technology
  • Have a robust disaster recovery plan that protects your business-sensitive data that can lead to disabling your entire network.


Our reliable team members are always available to answer our clients’ questions. Our specialists are constantly learning about new approaches they can take on the job. If you want to give your time to a company that never settles for anything, then you need to look straight at our team members. Altek Business Systems, Inc. is a company that aims to exceed expectations in all kinds of situations.

We care about the IT solutions we offer all of our clients. If you want assistance that never cuts any corners at all, you can lean on us. Our specialists are some of the most diligent professionals you can imagine. They strive daily to give our clients networks that operate without setbacks and glitches. If you want to enjoy a hassle-free and productive work environment every day of the week, then we’re looking forward to hearing from you here at Altek Business Systems, Inc.

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Businesses in Telford, PA, should have adequate measures to combat disasters and the rampant data breaches from cyber-attacks. Having a robust disaster recovery plan is the first step to making your business secure.

Contact us today at Altek and learn how to help your business remain safe and continue operations during disasters.

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