Document Management in Lehigh & Northampton County

We will increase your efficiency and profit by securely storing, routing, and retrieving documents electronically.


Easy & Dependable Digital Document Storage


Automatically route your documents for processing and approval based on business rules that are custom tailored by us for you, while automatic alerts ensure prompt completion. Alert the responsible user(s) when a document reaches a destination and give them proper information to complete their tasks and ensure documents are processed efficiently.


Stop wasting time searching for forms and eliminate the waste of manual processes. Refocus your team on strategic, profit-driving projects and reduce the downtimes that come from employees searching for specific forms.


Digitizing paper documents is the easiest first step towards complete digital transformation and bottom-line cost savings. Cut costs by reducing paper, toner, and service costs and eliminate the need for expansive storage areas. Improve security by limiting access to documents, and ensuring better disaster recovery versus attempting to replace file cabinets destroyed by flood, fire, or natural disaster.


Cut Costs With Electronic Documents


Demonstrate expertise by improving HR competence and creating processes that provide a clear path for your employees to follow. Maintain transparency with secure records and dependable approval workflows that protect you, your team, and the company. Focus on results, not process, by establishing rock-solid compliance for personal records management.


Ensure that compliance isn’t a burden but a competitive advantage. Comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR and other mandates through a modeled digital document management. Create rules around compliances with your digital workflow automation and increase the pace and performance of your organization.


Mobile is the new standard medium for interactions. Initiate workflows on the go, participate in processes with approvals, information and ad-hoc searches. Don’t let your time zone, travel schedule, work location or device limit your business operations. Best of all, do it all without compromising your security.


Altek Imaging and Document Management

How Does Digital Document Management Work?

We offer digital document management for your Lehigh County or Northampton County office to help your staff get their work done, store documents, and reach out to the public. Our services include electronic document management that is easy to understand, we will show you how we can save money for companies like yours.

We provide imaging systems in Lehigh County and Northampton County that will help you use your copiers in conjunction with the digital system. Document management ensures that you have access to all of your documents. You can send any document to the copier for printing, or you can scan a document into the copier that can be accessed by anyone in the office.

Document scanning gives you immediate access to the documents you need, and you can create electronic documents that will be shared with the staff or clients. Moving your business’s electronic documents to your digital document storage system will help save money, time, and energy.

How Does Digital Document Storage Work?

Document storage solutions allow you to store your electronic documents anywhere you want. You can sort everything in the document management system, and we will upgrade your document storage solutions if you need more options are more space.

The digital document storage system is very easy to use, and it employs a secure server. You can do all of your document management in a safe place, and you get to decide who has access to these documents. If you encrypt electronic documents, only those with the security key will have access.

Using the digital document management system will give outside contractors’ access to your documents, without exposing sensitive documents to outsiders.

How Does Electronic Document Management Save Money?

Digital document management system saves money by offering you a solution to store all of your documents digitally. You can post these documents to your website, or you can share them with clients. If you have posted a form online for your clients, they can fill out the form. The responses are sent to the digital document storage system, and you can check each form when needed.

Use a document management to store invoices, and payment receipts are sent to the same document management system. This will allow you to easily track all of the companies that have paid you and allow you to update your records accordingly. This system can receive surveys online, and can store information from different companies in different folders.

How Do You Manage Document Scanning?

Document scanning is necessary when you get these invoices or payments in the mail. Scan checks or paid invoices into the system using your dedicated copier and send those documents to the proper folder instantly. Scan financial requests from outside companies and also scan applications.

Document scanning allows you to convert paper to digital intelligence in seconds. Therefore, saving money on storage and allowing you to shred all the paper documents you have created.

Can We Help You Create A New System for Document Storage?

As a manager of a business in Lehigh County or Northampton County, you might be using a pre-existing system that includes document scanning. We will update this system using our advanced technology, and we will show you how to implement these systems in your office. You should continue to use document scanning to reduce paper usage and storage.  You’ll be able to scan digital documents that need to be moved into a different format.


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Contact us in Lehigh County or Northampton County for assistance with managing documents. We can help you with storage, management, and sharing. Plus, we can help you create a system in the office that utilizes your copier properly. If you are not using advanced systems to manage your documents in Northampton County, your company will waste time and money every day.

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