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We uncover usage (print, copy, scan, and fax), optimize infrastructure, improve workflow, and maximize productivity with exquisite results.

For more than 30 years, Altek Business Systems has provided managed IT services throughout the greater Philadelphia region. Our print solutions are among our most popular services. Businesses in the area choose Altek because of our long track record of success, excellent customer service, and rapid call response. Our goal is to keep your organization’s print operations as smooth as possible.


Optimize Infrastructure

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality Print Solutions, Business Applications, and Fleet Services for your business. We reduce printing costs by up to 30%, maintain 99% uptime, and ensure supply ordering is effortless. We can promise this by integrating remote monitoring for all your print devices, allowing access for reports and sudden alerts for supply levels, page counts, and more. We ensure you’re making strategic purchases based on total ownership cost, so you make the most informed decisions. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Since 1991, Altek have been providing business technology to the greater Philadelphia area. Our staff, with 24 years of Information Technology experience, offers cutting-edge Print Solutions, Managed IT, Workflow Solutions, and Document Management throughout the Montgomery County, Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, and Philadelphia areas.


What Do You Need?

Black & White

Office needs such as in-house documents (letters, emails, etc.) or high volume 1-color production.

Office Color

Mix of collateral with medium coverage: reports with colorful charts with graphs and text.

Production Color

High volume print with high coverage: color rich collateral with color matching and mixed media.

Business Apps

Transform your hardware into a powerful workflow tool! Enhance security, simplify processes, and improve productivity.

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We know, it’s a lot of information! Allow us to help you make an informed decision.


Exquisite Output Paired With The Best Support

When it is time to upgrade, a custom tailored solution is what’s important. Altek is a dealer of multiple manufactures highly rated by Buyer’s Lab Inc. (BLI), ensuring quality and satisfaction. We’re able to work with your organization to build a machine that will flawlessly perform and handle all of your business functions from printing, copying, scanning, workflow integration, and secure account management.

Our experienced staff provides strategic technology planning for business continuity and 5-star, award-winning customer service. At Altek, we not only use the best technology available, we offer flexible and customizable solutions to make sure your business is staying on the right track. Our business is improving your business.


Office Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) can provide custom, secure, and impactful productivity. Integrate stunning print results with state-of-art built in business applications, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Easy Translate, Mobile Print, and more! All backed by preventative security for peace of mind.



Match, Modify, Calibrate, and Monitor. When your job is to ‘Wow’ your customers, you can’t settle for any solution. You need to achieve exquisite color output, precise Pantone matching, a variety of media types, and seamless workflows.



With today’s newest imaging equipment, organizations can better connect staff to popular business platforms such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, Google, Dropbox, and many others. Not only can you connect your platforms to these new machines, but you can use apps on the machine to capture, distribute, manage and track from the office or on the go with any device.



Minimize downtime, maximize everything! Kyocera Fleet Services provides complete usage date: Which are using too much? Which aren’t being implemented enough? Better still, it allows you to monitor all hardware models on your network! KFS is hosted in the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud, no additional hardware necessary! Altek can make sure you have exactly what you need. Our technicians can visit you less – and help you more.


What You Need To Know Before You Buy a Printer/Copier

As with any other aspect of business infrastructure, printing and copying run their smoothest when you have the right equipment. However, for most businesses, finding the right equipment is easier said than done. The Altek team can help you select the right printers, copiers, and multifunctions for your business’s needs. These are a few factors to consider:

  • Your Needs: Consider how many pages you will be printing, copying, scanning, and faxing per month on this equipment. Also, think about how many people will be using it.
  • Cost To Operate: All businesses need to think about the initial cost and the operating cost of the equipment. This includes supplies, repairs, and downtime.
  • Ease of Use: Every printer/copier needs to be easy for your team to use. This includes working well with your printing infrastructure.

Altek Business Systems printing solutions can help you optimize all these considerations. We provide both multifunctional printers and specialty, production printers. No matter what your needs are, we have the right equipment for you. Plus, we can establish your printing infrastructure to improve efficiency and add valuable time-saving features.

How Professional Printing Solutions Can Help Your Business

For a lot of business teams, printing is an afterthought. They know that people need to be able to print, make copies, and send faxes. However, your printing and copying setup can have a big impact on your productivity. These are a few ways that professional printing solutions can benefit your business:

  • Save Time and Money: The right printing solution can make your business more efficient. When people spend less time printing and more time getting results, that is always good news for your bottom line. Plus, the right printing/copying setup can help you optimize the cost of equipment and supplies to suit your business’s unique needs.
  • Improve Print Quality: Do you ever need to print marketing collateral or other high-impact items? With production printing equipment, you can produce high-quality work. Alternatively, your business may simply need good-quality prints of documents. Again, finding the right equipment for your requirements can help to improve quality.
  • Reduce Frustration: Slow, inconsistent, and/or unintuitive printing and copying can be very frustrating for your team. While this may be a relatively minor inconvenience, especially if you aren’t printing frequently, it is still an obstacle that your team doesn’t have to deal with. Upgrading your printing operations could help make getting things done a little easier.
  • Optimize Around How You Work: Many business teams end up simply working with what is available for their printing. However, a professional solution can be designed around how your team works. This helps to accentuate the benefits for productivity and reduced frustration.

With the above benefits in mind, there is no reason not to invest in your business’s printing and copying solutions. Nearly all businesses need to print, copy, and fax. Don’t hold your team back by simply settling for “good enough.”

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Professional printing solutions from Altek Business Systems could help your business to save time and money on printing. You don’t need to print thousands of pages a day to benefit from our solutions. Contact our team today to learn more about what we offer. It’s time to invest in your printing and IT success.

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