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IT Services & Technology Support in Philadelphia


Managed IT Services Throughout Philadelphia

Now more than ever, it’s important to protect your assets and information at your business. About 60% of companies go out of business within 6 months of a breach, and 80% of security risks are due to internal negligence? It’s important to be mindful of cyber protection and the risks associated with data loss and security breaches. Protect your business from security risks and breaches with top-tier IT support from Altek Business Systems.

Altek Business System provides IT services to businesses in the Philadelphia area. We provide automated IT network reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. To monitor your network, our IT company uses state-of-the-art security and automated reporting, schedules data backups, and updates software remotely.

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Our goal is to ensure your business is protected and secure from any security threats. We’re available around the clock to make sure your information is safe and secure.

If you ever need assistance with IT related concerns, our Help Desk is only a click or call away! We can go over any questions or issues you may have and provide you with the peace of mind your deserve. Contact our IT support company today for a free consultation or to learn more about our extensive IT services.

Since 1991, Altek Business Systems has been providing business technology to the greater Philadelphia area. Our staff has 24 years of information technology experience and offers cutting-edge managed IT, workflow solutions, document management, and print solutions.


IT Company in Philadelphia

At Altek Business Systems, we’re proud to provide proactive solutions and the best customer support. Our experienced staff provides strategic technology planning for business continuity. We’re always here to provide 5-star customer service in Help Desk support and on-site technical service.

At Altek, we not only use the best software available to manage your technology systems and keep your information safe, but we also offer flexible and customizable IT solutions to make sure your business is staying on the right track. If you’re interested in learning more about our IT support in Philadelphia, get in touch with the award-winning team at Altek Business Systems today!

An Investment in Small Business IT Support

Many small and medium-sized businesses use cloud computing to store files and maintain their services because of its convenience, security, and reliability. This has helped them to grow and prosper. Microsoft provides the oldest and largest cloud service platform that most businesses rely on.

Altek is proud to be a Microsoft Azure-certified dealer in the Philadelphia area. This allows us to offer complete Microsoft Cloud service for the security and storage of business data, saving you resources with Microsoft tools and apps. Microsoft Azure cloud management extends from Windows to Linux, allowing access to more users while paying only for the services that they need.

Benefits of Working with Altek

Altek is a leader in small business IT support support in the Philadelphia area, offering unlimited help desk support 24/7. Our technicians can become available onsite to handle all your small business IT support needs. And since Altek is a certified dealer in Microsoft Azure, we offer both optimal service and products. We also provide you with a specific account manager who will work with you from the beginning to work with you to promote productivity, decrease downtime, and ultimately add to your company’s profit.

Our experienced staff will show you how technology can lead you to a better customer experience and take your business to the next level. We take the time to know you and your business and design systems that are scalable and functional.

Small Business IT Support

Technology has become the backbone of business. Without a system with a great support structure, your business could lose productivity and profitability. Choose a company that offers round-the-clock support, proactive maintenance, and in-house technical support. Choose a company that uses cybersecurity resources to protect your data against breaches, spyware, and viruses.

Because we are a certified Microsoft Azure dealer, we can offer and support access to cloud storage and security from Microsoft cloud-based programs and apps. Support for small and mid-sized businesses will be expertly supported by Altek’s experienced and customer-centric staff.


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