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Microsoft Cloud & Microsoft Azure Certified Dealer

Altek is a Microsoft Azure-certified dealer in the mid-Atlantic. We offer complete managed Microsoft Cloud services for robust protection and storage of all business data. We’ve highlighted the top Microsoft Cloud services that you can find from us below.

In just a few years, cloud computing has become a technology affecting every business. Companies store files on the cloud and use various cloud-based apps to maintain their services. IT departments have continued to improve the cloud to make it safe for sensitive data with proper encryption and best security practices.

The use of the cloud is common for small, mid-sized, and established companies due to its reliability and convenience. A business can now rent apps and servers they require without putting in more resources and money.

Businesses in the mid-Atlantic, use the cloud in their services to revolutionize their operations. Microsoft is the oldest and biggest cloud service platform many enterprises rely on. It is a giant in the cloud world, hosting services such as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Here are the fundamental Microsoft Cloud services in demand offered by Altek.

Microsoft Azure

We are a Microsoft Azure-certified dealer helping businesses around Southeastern PA implement and improve their Azure services. Azure is an immense Microsoft enterprise cloud offered as IaaS and PaaS services. It is popular in many enterprises since it allows developers to write apps seamlessly using its coding tools.

You’ll save business resources by getting a swift solution with reliable tools from Microsoft. The on-premise apps are robust, scalable, and flexible to match any direction the business wants to move.

The service is rich in features offered in a hybrid cloud, unlike most other cloud providers where the business has to choose between a public cloud and a unique data center. Hybrid cloud solutions enable you to operate on both clouds, making storage more efficient and economical. You can only get easy backup and recovery of data.

Microsoft cloud management in Azure extends from Windows to Linux as well. It is open to more users, and clients will only pay for the service they need. Some of the top uses of Azure are:

  • Provisioning Windows and Linux VM apps
  • Gain accurate insights from data and manage user accounts
  • Developing modern business solution apps for Windows, iOS, and Android compatible with mobile devices
  • Syncing on-premises data directories

The capabilities of Azure are expanding further. The deployment is fast, and you can trust it to serve your business needs effectively.

MS Office 365

Microsoft made a great move to put all MS Office solutions on the cloud. Office 365 allows users to access their email and calendars on the go. They can work anywhere using Office apps, get advanced conferencing abilities, and extra security to secure their files.

The Office 365 package includes all office apps like Word, Access, Publisher, Lync, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, and InfoPath on the cloud. Some of the top benefits of using MS Office 365 include:

  • Sync email and calendars with all enterprise-grade services
  • Set up online HJD video conferencing in a few clicks
  • Share screens and facilitate real-time remote work and collaboration
  • Share files with partners, teammates, and customers
  • Have anti-spam and anti-malware protection against intruders

Microsoft SQL Server with MS System Center

Microsoft SQL Server has continued to be a popular option for most businesses since its release in 2012. It allows enterprises to run SQL servers on the cloud, ensuring they operate using a private cloud environment if they are hesitant about security concerns about the public cloud. Users manage the SQL databases using a private cloud by taking advantage of the virtualization benefits offered by the System Center.

There have been various upgrades, such as the last 2014 MS SQL Server. This variant offers robust security, backups, faster disaster recovery and migration, simple conversions, SSD support, and automatic backups. Licensing is simple with any edition. It allows even smaller businesses to benefit from the backup features of Standard Edition without the need for a full-time database admin.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Developers looking to manage their code, work, and create in the cloud use Microsoft Visual Studio for the efficiency and seamless operations of their projects. It allows them to install Multi-Devices. Cloud services enable developers to debug, edit, and deploy their projects. Also, they will manage their infrastructure using ALM improvements with the highly protective cloud version.

Microsoft is still experiencing stiff competition from other world-leading cloud service players. It pushes them to up the ante with their cloud services. If you want to take advantage of these excellent services, partner with a Microsoft Azure-certified dealer at Altek to get reliable services. We work with businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Contact us today for more information.

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