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10 Tips for a more eco-friendly office

By April 20, 2018February 16th, 2024No Comments

Tips for eco-friendly office

How to Practice Sustainability in the Office

Going Green doesn’t have to mean higher costs to save the environment. In fact, new technology can be more sustainable.
See Altek’s 10 tips for a more Eco-Friendly Office below.

1. Consolidation of Technology

Instead of buying several individual scanners or printers, buy one product that can print, copy scan, and fax. You’ll save money by purchasing supplies for only one device instead of several. You’ll also reduce energy consumption by consolidating all the machines. Instead of having a printer at every person’s desk, link multiple work stations to one printer that can do more and costs less. Most small desk printers have low yield counts and you end up spending more on toner. With a larger machine and a higher yield count, reduce the cost of toners and the frequency of replacing them.

2. Recycle Toner Bottles and Cartridges

Recycling programs have kept millions of used printer supplies out of landfills. Altek Business Systems has partnered with ECO footPRINTΒ to ensure that 100% of every recycled toner container is transformed into useful objects that serve a necessary function. To participate in the program is completely free and all you do is Fill, Seal, and Send.

3. Conserve Toner and Ink

Using Toner-Saving modes and Draft modes for prints that don’t require high-quality output, such as interoffice documents, rough drafts, and emails, help save the toner that you are using. Save the high-resolution color for prints that matter most, such as presentations and customer facing-material. Reducing the usage of toner helps increase the time between toner changes.

4. Go Paperless

Using electronic form management like Docuware allows you to create workflows that allow you to eliminate the need for filing cabinets. By using Docuware or similar systems, you are able to eliminate the need for paper and increase efficiency in all departments.

4. Update Your Technology

By this point, everyone has heard of Energy Star. Using Energy Star technology helps reduce the amount of electricity you use. By using even newer technology, like Kyocera’s new Ceramic Drums, the material used is 10-15 times harder than material used by other manufacturers. Kyocera’s Ceramic Drums increase Economy, Sustainability, and Reliability.

5. Manage What You Print

It isn’t feasible for every business to replace every device in their company right away. Starting with managing your printing costs not only helps the environment, but it lowers your bill too. With Managed Print Services, you have Altek monitoring every paper printed and creating a custom printing layout to ensure that your existing machines are placed in the best positions and connected with the right devices. Allow your printers to be positioned in the correct places throughout your business and receive an order of printers to be replaced over time.

6. Prepare for Disaster

No, we don’t mean an environmental apocalypse. A Business Continuity plan allows you to evaluate what may happen if there is a natural disaster. Green business methods help businesses recover from even the most devastating disasters. Implementing cloud-based systems allow important information like payroll, customer information and more to be stored online and backed up on a cloud. Preparing for disaster helps reduce paper usage, obsolete hardware, and streamline networking.

7. Manage your IT and stay updated at home

By having Altek manage your IT, you can set up efficient VPN networks that are monitored 24/7. Stay protected against viruses, malware, and hacks while being able to work from home efficiently. By reducing the amount of work that needs to be done in the office, you are able to reduce emissions from travel.

8. Save on Shipping and Service

By evaluating your technology needs, you can reduce the need for shipping unless completely necessary. Having Altek evaluate your technology needs allows your business to have the right equipment so that you don’t need parts or toners shipped to you or have someone come out to your work station often to repair broken equipment.

9. Maintain Your Technology

Regular check ups are important. Having your work stations and printing consistently maintained makes sure they are running as efficiently as possible and extends their life as well as reduces the energy they are consuming.

10. Trade In your Equipment when it’s time to Replace

When it comes time to trade in your equipment, Altek makes sure that your equipment is taken care of correctly. Your old equipment doesn’t end up in a landfill, but all the parts that can be recycled are recycled and any parts that can’t are disposed of properly.

For more tips and ways to improve your Office’s environmental efficiency, reach out to us directly and we would be happy to meet with you. Your business is different than any other business, and we work with you to create a custom plan that allows for the most efficient and cost effective strategy.