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Altek’s Softball Championship Win

The championship was clinched by the Altek Hard Drivers, guided by the young Coach Carter

Sweet Victory

Big news! The Altek Hard Drivers just snagged our first-ever championship win in the Softball America league. For three solid years, we’ve been giving it our all on those Bucks and Montgomery County fields. This year, something clicked – we’re champs!

Let me introduce you to the squad. We’ve got Scott Flaherty, Adam Volpe, Kevin Cwikla, Bob Wenner, Bobby Vine, Mike Maglio, Kristin Luizza, Tony Luizza, Ciarra Clements, Lily Cross, Chris Lento, Brandon Smith, Derek Smith, Carley Smith, Casey Marohn, Brittany Lautenslager, and Ray Derstine. Trust us, this crew is a force to be reckoned with.

Our secret weapon? That’s gotta be our Head Coach, Carter Luizza. Second year in the game, and he’s already leading us to victory. Think Ted Lasso in a 7-year-old’s body. “I’m so happy to be their coach!”, he said, “Did you see me get carried off? I thought that only happened in the movies.” The boy’s a legend.

This championship win feels like hitting a grand slam – pure adrenaline and excitement! But more than the win, it’s about the journey. The tough games, the laughs, and the feeling of being a family on and off the field. Cheers to softball dreams coming true.

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