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Our Team’s

Breakfast Potluck

December 2022
Altek Business Systems
Telford, PA 

Making The Time

Altek hosted a breakfast potluck for our hardworking team. 

You don’t need a holiday to celebrate! Last week, we asked everyone to bring in their best breakfast dish for a team potluck. From donuts to fruit, sausage gravy to freshly made waffles (thanks, Wilhelm!), we stuffed ourselves to the brim to begin our workday. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any time for a much-needed nap after the feast, but we did get the opportunity to spend quality time with our coworkers, which is always a treat.

We’d love to know – What’s your favorite breakfast food? How often does your office come together?

Here at Altek, in our state-of-the-art facility, we believe in maintaining a positive environment. A career should be about radically educating our customers, forming bonds, community involvement, and willingness to develop lasting impressions. We focus on supporting everyone through education, gamification, and transparency to form a team that rebels against the norm. We’ve created a culture of out-of-the-box thinking creatives focused on embracing personality while challenging themselves in career growth.

Want to Meet Our Awesome Team? 

By focusing on your business goals, we create an individually tailored solution with today’s cutting-edge technology. We know our success is tied to our client’s success. Altek analyzes your current infrastructure, network security, and office technology to guarantee we create a plan that aligns with your company’s needs while staying within a monthly budget.