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Meet Ziggy

As the Chief Morale Officer of Altek, Ziggy has taken on many roles within the company. While wagging his tail and garnering as many butt scratches as possible are forefront, Ziggy enjoys investing time in our team to make sure they are happy. You will often see him sitting across the table from employees to discuss how he may be able to assist, and if he could possibly have just a nibble of their lunch.

What Makes A Great CMO?

Chief Morale Officer (CMO) is the corporate executive responsible for increasing an organization’s team spirit. Their primary focus is to create a positive work environment through strategy, guidance, and emotional support.


Ziggy also likes to get his nose dirty any time he feels an employee may need assistance working on an MFP.  While he isn’t a manufacturer-trained Kyocera, Xerox, or Canon Technician, he still tries to troubleshoot alongside our team. Here Altek’s Inventory Manager, Bobby Vine, inspects the machine to determine if it’s in fact filled with peanut butter, as Ziggy suspects is always the problem. 


Ziggy also loves to assist our IT team. He enjoys spending time watching and monitoring our Help Desk. Today, Ziggy worked alongside Isaac, updating a Managed Security Customer’s firewall. Ziggy enjoys our IT Department because they are always friendly, responsive, and proactive in their customer support.


Ziggy’s favorite role in the IT department is when he gets to inspect and clear cookies for them. While they might not be the cookies that they handle for most customers, Ziggy enjoys being able to help keep the IT department’s security top notch by finding and munching on a few tasty invasive cookies.


Sometimes, really busy days require a nap during the lunch hour. Ziggy tends to give it his all when he is in the office, so an afternoon crash can happen. He wants to make sure he is at his peak performance during the work day, so taking some time to recoup and start the afternoon energized is important to him.


Utilizing a document management system that allows for workflows and paperless documentation leaves Altek with paper files that needed to be shredded, which Ziggy is happy to help with. His ability to shred confidential material, as well as his inability to read those files, makes him a great HR assistant.


Ziggy wants to make sure that everyone ends their day on a high note. He enjoys visiting each and every employee, shaking their hand and telling them how great they are. He generally likes to end each day shaking Altek Dispatcher Sue Wack’s hand and congratulating her on a job well done. Plus, Sue always has a cookie waiting for Ziggy to congratulate him, as well. 


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