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Keystone Opportunity Center

Donation Event for the Month of July

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We prioritize giving back to the community. And what better way than to partner with a local non-profit that makes an incredible impact? For every multi-functional printer sale made in the month of July, Altek will donate meals toward Keystone Opportunity Center. Even if you’re not purchasing anything in the month of July, you have the power to make a difference by donating today on their website. 
About Keystone
Why Support Matters
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Make a difference by donating directly.

About The Non-Profit

Malcolm Friend, Director of Resource Development at Keystone Opportunity Center is an incredible advocate for the community and partner with Altek.

Not only does Keystone Opportunity Center operate a food pantry, they also provide assistance with housing the homeless in the surrounding counties and offer free comprehensive adult education services both online and in person for residents of Montgomery County. Since 2009, Keystone uses its donations to make sure a child does not go to bed hungry, to help a disabled veteran get their well-deserved benefits, to assist a senior citizen that has gotten behind on their utility bills, and many more situations that would have very different outcomes without their support. Let’s make an impact together! 

Why Your Support Matters

Groceries have gone up 60% over the last year!

Here are some alarming stats: 

Bananas increased by 158%
Strawberries increased by 142%
Chicken increased by 89%
Beef increased by 65%
Lettuce increased by 43%
Onions increased by 31%
Milk increased by 25%

Being on a limited income I am so thankful for the savings on my grocery bill because of Keystone’s food pantry. I am so thankful for the support of their donors and volunteers. It is so encouraging to see that people care.


“Without your help, we would be hungry. Thank you so much”


“The food donations from Keystone Opportunity Center have helped me tremendously. My mom and I want to express our deepest gratitude and thank everyone for their help”


“I am so glad we have the Keystone Opportunity Center and their food pantry. It really, really, helps. With you, I don’t know what I would do.”


“I am so grateful for the food you make available to my family. Thank you on behalf of my three children. God Bless You All”


Ready To Make A Difference?

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