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Is Your Company Hybrid Ready?

Returning to the office has significantly changed over the last 2 years. Over 50% of all companies will be on a hybrid work where staff will be working remotely several days and in the office other days. To keep staff productive they need to have all resources available from the location that they are working from on that day and the access to those resources must be secure. This can be accomplished by migrating to a digital systems that are as simple to use as the paper based system that is currently in place. Some of the simple solutions are to make sure your email is synchronized so that all of your messages and calendars are the same on whatever device you use.


Your Documents

Evaluate the flow of the most common or important papers. If actions have to go to several departments or people, a document management system with electronic workflow is key to keeping the process moving in the new norm. An electronic workflow can notify, remind, and escalate using built-in timer. This simple method will filter and archive all new documents into system from all sources (email attachment, scanner, cell phone camera, etc).



Educate Your Team

Educate your team on phishing and remote security protocol reduce ransomware and potential threats to your organization.


Review and revise employees access controls to networked devices as necessary (reflect any changes to roles, responsibilities, etc.)


Update old login credentials (administrator, community strings, etc.) according to your company policies or follow guidelines for password complexity.


Make sure only necessary devices are connected and securely configured (image overwrite enabled, authentication required, disable unused ports, etc.)


ensure home/remote network is using secure authentication for your router or (WPA2 or later)


Keep printer software up to date. Use auto software update when possible.


Collaboration Tools

Maximize Microsoft 365 with all the included features:

Teams – internal communications

β€’ works on all devices (PC, MAC, iPhone, Android, tablet) and synchronize all messages
β€’ internal meetings
β€’ external meetings (anyone can join meeting – with/without MS account)
β€’ group posts (everyone in Teams get message and can share)
β€’ voice or video call on the fly

Sharepoint – company file share in the cloud

β€’ works on all devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, tablets)
β€’ easy to setup permission levels
β€’ allows multiple editors in same document
β€’ keeps revisions and user history

Group Calendars

β€’ works on all devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, tablets)
β€’ easy to manage schedules + projects between everyone in the organization

What We Provide

We provide Managed Information Technology Services, Document Management, and Print Solutions. We offer free consultations to ensure you are maximizing your productivity workflow and network security. Our Specialists can put together a strategic plan that is impactful and cost-effective. Altek can analyze your current infrastructure and office technology to create a plan that aligns with your company’s needs while staying within a monthly budget.

IT Management

Security, Support, and Infrastructure

Ensuring business continuity with disaster protection, help desk support, on-site service, and integrated solutions to streamline processes and proactively safeguard your business.

Smart Office

Remote, Collaboration, and Automation

Work anywhere while integrating the software and technology you use every day. Simplify workflows with electronic document management software (EDMS) solutions.

Print Solutions

Production, Print, Copy, and Scan

A custom tailored solution is essential. Whether it’s office workflow or high volume color management, you need only the highest rated BLI products combined with award-winning service.

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