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Is Your Managed IT Up To Par?

By June 19, 2019June 4th, 2020No Comments

Broaden Your Range

Whether you’re managing a country club, catering facility, or golf course, utilizing Mesh WiFi Access Points is undeniably the best way to implement wireless connectivity for your staff and guests.

Mesh WiFi Access Points create a single network using the same credentials, while distributing the workload over many connections. You can create separate wireless networks (ie. Company, POS, and Guest) which protects your data and limits the amount of network resources each type of user is allowed; this is especially important with all the new Internet-of-Things (Thermostats, Alarms, Sensors) being added to WiFi networks.

Shoot Farther.

Access Points can broadcast a WiFi network from the indoor banquet hall to the furthest green. The principle advantage of mesh networks is their resilience. Mesh networks do not have a single point of failure, meaning there is no chance of an individual device failure bringing the whole network down. Additionally, Access Points can be added to the network as desired, extending the wireless networks without making any changes to already connected devices.

Is Your Network Up to Par?

Altek takes a consultative approach, considering peak usage for your business. To ensure you have a strong, secure network, we would run an analysis of all devices and usage times. This process will allow us to determine the type, quantity, and location of Access Points.
For example: Saturday afternoons, when all golfers are returning to the club. Business events, filled with attendees using laptops requiring dependable internet access. Or a wedding, when the bridal party & all the guests wants to connect their phones to social media. Each of these moments are important and demand reliability.

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