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High Efficiency and Cost Savings through Optimization

Efficient and productive processes are important to all business owners and managers. Managing both your time and resources is paramount to your success. One area that is often overlooked is Printer Fleet Management, a service that can help you manage the complexities of many of the administrative tasks that take time away from other functions.

These everyday tasks, such as printing, scanning, and faxing, can be made more efficient if your equipment is in top shape, your inventory is on point, and the printers are geared to perform optimally for the jobs required.

Altek has the experience needed to deal with Printer Fleet Management by offering solutions, providing maintenance, and installing software and security updates without shutting down your fleet during business hours.

We can help you realize your goals of less downtime, higher productivity, and an overall smoother-running workplace with our printer fleet management services.

What is Printer Fleet Management?

Printer Fleet Management is a service that allows your print fleet, which can include copiers, printers, and other devices, to be managed by an outside company.

Our service aims to provide a company with the information it needs to track usage, maintain the machines, provide inventory control, and install software updates outside of normal business hours to not disrupt productivity.

Printer fleet management can provide data so you know what is being printed and where so that you can adjust to provide optimal usage and, thus, increase profit.

The data provided is essential for pinpointing inefficiencies, controlling costs, and providing secure printing.

What are the Benefits of Printer Fleet Management?


In addition to providing the company with usage data and printer maintenance, Printer Fleet Management can also assist in the following:

User controls

If you need to limit which employees have access to certain computers or find out the number of users, a printer fleet management can install rules-based technology that lets you track usage and set restrictions. This can help control print costs and waste of supplies.

Inventory control

If you have ever run out of paper or toner in the middle of a project, you know how important inventory control can be. Printer Fleet Management monitors and automatically replenishes your supplies as needed.

Reduced downtime

When your office runs out of paper, someone must either run out and get more, or you have to wait to get more delivered. If the printer has a problem that requires repair or maintenance, users will have to wait for availability. Printer Fleet Management does the troubleshooting, inventory management, and routine maintenance and repairs for you, so you will have fewer disruptions.

Printer cost data

How much are you paying for using your printers? Print Fleet Management can provide data so you can make the best decisions about who is using the equipment, how much it is being used, and if your fleet is being used optimally. An upgrade could end up costing less than additional printers.

What Type of Business Should Have Printer Fleet Management?

Just about any industry can benefit from printer fleet management. However, those who require heavy amounts of prints will benefit the most. Some of these types are:

  1. Law Firms
  2. Marketing Companies
  3. Accounting Businesses
  4. Retailers
  5. Publishers
  6. Healthcare Facilities
  7. Hotels
  8. Schools
  9. Dealerships (cars, motorcycles, etc.)
  10. Banks and Mortgage Companies

No matter what your business does or how big it is, chances are it can benefit from Altek’s Printer Fleet Management Service.

Cut costs, increase productivity, and monitor usage while letting us keep track of your inventory and do regular maintenance without any downtime for you.


The best part of working with Altek? Our team! We pride ourselves on customer service. Over the last 5 years, we have received an Net Promotor Score (NPS)® score of over 95, which puts us in the top 3% of companies in North America. Learn more…

Ready To Experience Efficiency?

Your printer fleet is right at the center of your company’s operation.  Altek’s Printer Fleet Management offers all the tools that help you minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and keep your company running smoothly without the frustration of maintaining inventory at the correct levels or providing the required regular maintenance. We can also provide you with the data you need to make the best decisions for your print fleet.

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