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Your Customers Are Texting. You Should Be, Too!

You no longer need to use your cell phone to send a text. By implementing Unified Communication / Voice over IP (VoIP), it’s easy to send SMS Text Messages to your team members through the web and mobile apps. You can pick which of your office SMS enabled numbers you would like to send the text from and assign text conversations to specific team members. You can also send a contact to a new contact and see your SMS history. You can send and receive unlimited SMS messages! Your customers may be texting your business number and you might not even know it. Unified Communication is here to provide you with the solution. Bonus: There is no cost to add SMS Text Messaging to an existing company number on your account. 

90% of the time, a text is read within the first 3 minutes of receiving a message.

Control & Track

Assign team members, change the owner, and monitor conversations.

Access Anywhere

Send texts from your computer via web application or mobile phone.

Phone Chat

Multiple Numbers

Manage multiple numbers and no cost to add an existing number on your account – even a business line!

Increase Efficiency

Proven increased response rate with individual or group messaging.

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More Than Just A Text

The advantages of Unified Communications (UC) and Enterprise Management far outnumber the disadvantages. Let’s dive into how we can not only improve our workflow, but also uncover a great deal of profit. 

UC is a cloud business phone systems evolved. Whether you’re a business with one office, or a large enterprise with teams in multiple locations anywhere in the world, or a non-profit organization, UC will give you best in class service while reducing your communication headaches and expenses. Business phone solutions are designed to help create better relationships with your customers with its built-in intelligent routing and customer relations software. Providing a top notch phone experience for your customers will surely increase their affinity for your brand and service.

Built-in CRM

Virtual Assistant

Call Reporting and Analytics

Application Integration

Proven Productivity



  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Enterprise Hero Platform for multi-location deployments
  • Save as much as 80%
  • Improve productivity as much as 75%
  • Advanced Call Reporting and Analytics
  • Hybrid solution allows Administrative and Call Center Features on single PBX
  • Local Everywhere™ provides local numbers anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with 1000+ CRM and Business Software Packages including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Highly secure, high availability Infrastructure with unrivaled up-time

Let’s Talk About It!

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