7 Benefits Of Unified Communications & Enterprise Management

The advantages of Unified Communications (UC) and Enterprise Management far outnumber the disadvantages. We will explain how business owners, in order to adapt to modern technology, should integrate this technology package into their everyday communication and workflow.

Some may ask, “Why should I implement unified communications across my business? I use Voice over IP. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?” The problem is – It is broke! When we have nothing to compare it to, we will assume our business phones are great. But not so fast. Let’s dive into how we can not only improve our workflow, but also uncover a great deal of profit. 

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7  – Improve Client Interactions 

Your line of communication with clients is just so absolutely vital. Although managers and C-level execs know this and understand it, living it can be something else entirely. Not returning calls, consistently failing conference calls, and missed deadlines all stem from problematic systems or even just the vast number of communication platforms needed to run a business.

Much like the name suggests, unified communications integrate all tools of communication and management to allow for a streamlined and organized customer service experience that creates better client interactions. It’s the little things that matter, and that includes good customer follow up.


6 – Abundance of Features

There are so many unified communication service features to choose from and that’s the point. The ability to mix and match phone features puts you in the driver’s seat, creating a level of streamlined functionality that is fit for your business.


5 – Foster Team Collaboration

The advantages of U.C. will be noticed by clients and team members simultaneously. Once a unified communications system is put into place, the positive effects are apparent right away – improved communication and operational procedures.

As time progresses, team members will benefit from the ability to communicate quickly and effectively across multiple channels to multiple members. U.C. is inherently about improving communication though effective and proven changes in our office tech. One side effect is that our teams are able to communicate effectively with one another.


4 – Access from Anywhere

You can work on any device at any location. Global is local and your daily responsibilities can be handled in real time from the device in your pocket. Multiple teams, multiple locations, or one building – the world is literally at your fingertips.

Remote employees as well as sales staff, busy entrepreneurs, and management – everyone benefits. The old guard protecting office working environments is on the way out. Remote and overtime hours are the new normal. Over 50% of the U.S. population is already working remotely in some way. Implementing unified communication systems now is a step in the right direction for a work force that is expecting more flexibility. 

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3 – Increase Productivity

If all your communications, daily planning, and your entire agenda, as well as the agendas of your business and team members, were located in one central location that could be accessed from anywhere, how productive do you think you could be? One of the keys to freedom and productivity is a well-regimented schedule. It allows for more work time as well as an increased feeling of freedom.

Increased productivity is one of the top 3 reasons to switch to unified communications.


2 – Security Backed Up

This is not necessarily a benefit of unified communications, but rather an additional benefit received from the VoIP services that are integral parts of U.C. applications. Cloud-based phone services contain backups, especially those that offer enterprise phone services. Your data is backed up regularly, so the intern or clumsy sales person cannot delete some vital part of your business data.

It’s backed up because it’s not a case of if something is deleted accidentally, but when it is.


1 – Your Business Will Profit

There are no other reasons to switch to unified communications that will ever outweigh this simple and overarching benefit of U.C. It will increase your bottom line, period. Not only does U.C. cost less, but all the advantages mentioned above will improve overall profits. Happier team, better client services, efficient access to data and increased productivity. That all points to more profits.



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