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What is Document Management (DMS) and How Can It Help My Business

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Docuware-LifeSaver-What is Document Management (DMS) and How Can It Help My Business

Document Management, often referred to as Document Management Systems, is the use of the latest computer software and systems to manage, store, track, and file electronic documents and images of paper-based information captured through scanning.

Document Management is how your organization can store, manage, file, and recall all of your forms electronically.

Document Management isn’t anything new and, due to innovations and advancements, is now in reach of companies that previously did not have the budget for something as advanced as a complete Document Management System. Document Management is a solution for many companies which allows them to manage and organize business-critical information in a simple, cloud-friendly, and easy to use way.

In the past few months, Altek has been able to help multiple companies with their Document Management. We were able to:

Customize an invoicing process and billable parts order form for outside technicians to be able to have customers sign invoices onsite as well as order parts when needed and alert staff at the company location instantly to be able to approve both invoices and parts orders and keep records and time stamps of all approvals.

Work with a company to automate their HR and onboarding process to allow new hire documentation to be processed, approved by management, and stored on the cloud to be able to be accessed by certain HR management at any time.

Aid a company who were facing a lawsuit due to one missing form store all of their Accounts Payable forms on the cloud to be able to pull up any claims by Company, Account, Invoice, or other common fields.

Create a workflow to track customer forms so that key employees from each department within the company were able to view any purchases that the customer made at any point in time while complying to SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley).

Docuware LifeSaver

Docuware LifeSaver

Questions to ask about your organization for Document Management with Accounts Payable:

Are you currently entering invoice information in your accounting system by hand?

Are you sending out invoices to managers or have a 2- or 3-way match process?

Do spend time gathering necessary documentation for audits or have to look through file cabinets for specific invoices?


Prior to offering a Document Management solution to any company, Altek began researching which would be the Best Document Management System available. Altek eventually found that Docuware has been in the Document Management business since Microsoft Windows 3.0. Most agree that it has been the industry leader in the category ever since. With the newest release, DocuWare Cloud, the available enterprise-grade feature excels at providing small to midsize companies an affordable, quality Document Management System.

If you would like to know more about Altek’s Document Management Solution and what Docuware can provide your organization, you can contact us directly to schedule a Virtual Demo.