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Wed, Sept 20th at 3pm

Did you know that whiskey and cyber security have more in common than you think? Both require patience, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of their respective processes. Just like a good whiskey, a strong cyber security system takes time and effort to craft and perfect. We invite you to join us and let’s raise a glass to the similarities between these two seemingly different worlds at our I.T. and bourbon seminar – Whiskey Business.

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    Our Guest Speakers

    Just as whiskey is meticulously crafted and aged to perfection, these experts will teach you the importance of a carefully managed network in order for your organization to run smoothly. Learn more about each guest.

    J. Jacob Reinhart

    Special Agent, U.S. Secret Service

    TOPIC: Philadelphia Regional Cybercrime Assessment, U.S. Secret Service NITRO Team

    Hillary Taylor-Hartle

    Partner Development, WatchGuard

    TOPIC: The Importance of Firewall Security

    Chip Buck

    COO, SaaS Alerts

    TOPIC: Recognize, Remediate, and Prevent Business Email Compromise

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