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Strategic IT Planning

At Altek, we take a consultative approach. By focusing on your business goals, we create an individually tailored solution with today’s cutting-edge technology. Modern businesses rely on their I.T. systems. An effective plan can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. Our team is here to provide you with strategic solutions that will unlock new levels of success for your business. And we know our success is tied to our customer’s success.


Strategic Planning


We systematically explore all your current technology hardware and usage, then determine how you can best use current and new technology throughout your organization.


Determine attainable efficiency standards and best practices for your equipment, staff, infrastructure and support.


Create obtainable goals and objectives within your organization to focus on the integration of technology with your business requirements and development.


Develop Integration


 We determine your level of current effectiveness and create a plan to effectively manage and maintain your hardware, software, and facility resources.


Develop education training schedules to increase effectiveness of technology integration within your organization.


Itemize your budget and break down technology costs through the years. Use collected data to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are within the organization.

Ease of Access to Support

Like most businesses, your need for access to support is essential for your business success. Altek makes it easy to access support for your technology service by providing you with a support team that is familiar with your product and your business. Even if you encounter a problem in the beginning, our staff of experts will be there for you to ensure that your business can operate efficiently without disruption. Your employees will find that strategic technology consulting put in place is easy to work with since it has been tailored to their needs.

We believe that the support of our customers is optimal for their success. And since we tailor the services to your business needs, we are there for you from the development stage and for as long as you need us.

Security from Tailored IT Solutions

With most IT solutions that are available to anybody, security can be an issue. Hackers can find it easier to get into systems because of the familiarity of the structure. With Altek’s strategic technology consulting, you can reduce security risks and avoid security breaches, not only because your system is unique to your needs but also because there is limited access to it.

Data security is a critical issue, and designing a system that is unique to you can help in closing the door to hackers. Altek considers data security to be one of the most critical design features and works hard to make sure your privacy is protected.

Your Business is not Subjected to Software Developers

In off-the-shelf software, your employees often are at the mercy of software developers for updates. With Altek managed IT services, you no longer have to wait for updates from software developers to keep your employees working optimally. With a custom software package, you are no longer subjected to software developers.

Working closely with your team, Altek can help you maintain your software and keep you running efficiently without interference from software developers.

A More Personal Relationship with Strategic Technology Consultants

When you partner with Altek, our team will work closely with yours to provide a secure and smooth transition. Because of the information needed to customize your services, you can develop a trusting relationship with our team of experts. Through collaboration, we make it our goal to provide you with the service you need by creating personal relationships and mutual trust.

Our team has over 30 years of experience, and we pride ourselves in our top-of-the-line communication. Our business has thrived by creating long-term personal relationships with our customers.

Our Strategic Technology Consulting is Scalable

At Altek, our goal is to help your business work effectively and thrive. As your business grows, your company can struggle when your IT services can not keep up with the growth of the company. That is why Altek customizes IT services to meet not only the current needs of your company but also the vision of your needs in the future.

We know that you work hard to see your business grow and thrive. We want to see you be successful as well. That’s why we get to know you, your company, and your vision statement so that we can scale your system to accommodate your business growth for years to come. Altek can tailor technology for your company to provide you with the ultimate operating efficiency.

Cyber Security Consulting

Your IT systems are doing more than just sending emails and authoring documents. They are catalysts for your success. When your team has the right technology, it can operate as efficiently as possible. Altek is dedicated to providing an end-to-end consultative experience for our clients in Pennsylvania and South New Jersey. We are looking forward to exceeding your expectations!

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