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VoIP Phone Services

Win and keep more business with Unified Communication. Deliver powerful capabilities at an affordable price through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


Phone Systems That Deliver Results

Whether you’re a business with one office, a large enterprise with teams in multiple locations anywhere in the world, or a non-profit organization, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gives you the tools to provide best-in-class service while reducing your communication frustrations and expenses. VoIP phone solutions are designed to create better relationships with your customers with its built-in intelligent routing and customer relations software. And, let’s be honest, top-notch communication for your customers will surely increase their affinity for your brand. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Benefits of VoIP

Since communication is the basis for the success of your business, consider the benefits of VoIP technology. Boost your productivity at an affordable price while enjoying the benefits of VoIP phone management services. Some of the many benefits include:

Customizable Automation

VoIP is totally customizable to fit your needs and scale. Save time and manpower by allowing this service to automatically route calls to the desired recipient, either a particular person or the appropriate department. Choose a feature that can simultaneously route the calls to cell phones if needed.

Call Reports and Analytics

Businesses of all sizes benefit from being able to track and analyze their call information. Use the information gathered to analyze the call volume, measure the performance, and create reports for future use, analysis, and billing purposes.

Meet All Your Needs

 VoIP service is structured to grow with your business. As your business needs change, your VoIP phone service can be customized as well. We provide flexibility for complete integration of voice, video, and chat functions, which ultimately save your business time and money. We make it easy to connect remote, mobile, and onsite employees for easy collaborations. 

Web Management Portal

Your business will never be left alone when it comes to VoIP phone management with Altek. Access our unlimited support 24/7, 365 days a year, from the home office to a remote location. Our web management features include not only support but access to resources and information to support your organization. We are there for you each and every day (or night) to support you.

Application Integration

Managed VoIP phone systems are hosted securely in the cloud and can easily integrate with cloud-based software while working simultaneously with your landline, computer, and mobile devices. This allows your company to avoid long wait times and limits placed by a singular network. You can also access advanced features within Microsoft 365 and Bria with your VoIP system.

Additional Features from our VoIP Service

In addition to the many benefits of VoIP service, there are additional features that can be an advantage to your business:

  • One of the most significant benefits/features a VoIP service is that it allows your employees to multitask. Because of the integrations into other systems, they can speak to a customer while accessing important customer data, such as order or shipping information. This provides efficiency on the employee’s part and gives the customer a seamless, positive experience.
  • VoIP services also includes customizable voicemail functions in addition to automated call answering and call handling functions. Calls can also be routed automatically to individuals or departments.
  • No longer are employees required to be in the office to access the system. VoIP can make it possible for remote employees or teams to access the system.
  • A VoIP Phone Management system is customizable and able to handle small businesses to large call centers with multiple locations. Managed VoIP phone systems are also scalable, so as your business grows, we can work with you to further tailor your system to suit your changing needs.
  • Because of the way that VoIP streamlines your company communications processes, we are able to easily set up a cost-effective system. Your employees will work more efficiently and effectively without frustration, and a heavy call volume can be easily handled without adding staff.

Optional Modules

Because our service is customizable, there are optional modules that can be added. One beneficial module is email to fax and fax to email. This allows the transaction to occur privately without a fax machine. No longer are faxes lost or left in the machine for hours. The sender is notified when the fax is sent, and the receiver’s copy is sent to their email for filing or printing.

Call Handling

Built-in CRM

Call Reports

Next-Gen Features

App Integration


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