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All companies have a document management system, whether they call it by that phrase or not. They may store essential documents in locked file cabinets or the cloud or even in lumpy folders on someone’s desk. At its very core, each of these is a system that helps to manage the storage and sharing of documents.

However, not all document management systems are created equal, and as work becomes more remote with less shared physical space, some old-fashioned document management systems will serve as the reason a company fails. That’s why it’s so important to find a modern way to centrally store, organize, and securely share documents with the people who need them throughout the company.

What Can A Document Management System Do for Your Business? 

Modern document management systems incorporate a variety of tools that make work and collaboration more efficient. If you find that your current system lacks any of the following features, it’s time to think about modernizing:

  • Converts paper documents into digital files
  • Centrally organizes documents and standardizes file structures and formats
  • Automatically creates a searchable archive database for easy document retrieval
  • Contains collaboration tools like annotations, highlights, and redactions
  • Secures all documents according to necessary compliance rules and creates audit trails
  • Shares digital documents only with the necessary employees
  • Stores important information that needs to be easily shared

If your business has found that physical or outsourced document storage has led to spiraling costs, or if you spend too much time trying to find the current document your team should be working off of, you need an electronic document management system.

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