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IT Support Company in Telford, PA

Whether your business is just you, 10 people, or 10,000 people, you need IT support services that fit your budget, goals, and workflows. As a Microsoft Azure certified dealer, Altek has provided IT help desk services, network support, technology assessments, and other managed IT solutions since 1991. As more people are looking to go cloud-based, Altek takes pride in its partnership with Amazon Cloud (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. We can bring out experience and expertise to your business to help you achieve all your IT goals. From establishing an ideal infrastructure to keeping your work safe and ensuring business continuity in the event of a disruption, Altek can empower your team to be more productive than ever. We provide bespoke solutions that are targeted to your unique needs.

Our IT Solutions and Services

Your IT systems are essential to your business’s operations. Whether it is getting help desk support when you need it or ensuring that you have a robust, future-proofed network, Altek can help take the worry out of your information systems with our managed IT support and services.

Network Management Solutions

Communication and collaboration are at the heart of business. In the digital era, you need the right network support services to keep your team connected and your information safe but accessible. We provide network implementation, management, and support.

Our goal is to ensure superior productivity for your entire team. We can provide a centralized and streamlined data infrastructure that helps to maximize productivity.

We apply a proactive approach to cybersecurity threat protection. By building a stronger, safer network, then implementing monitoring solutions, we can help to ensure that your business’s cybersecurity risks are always well managed.

Technology Assessments and Strategy

Developing an effective IT strategy can help ensure that your business is ready not only for the challenges of today but also tomorrow’s opportunities. We help businesses of all sizes and growth stages assess their current technology, evaluate future needs, and establish a strategy to support continued success.

For many businesses, the most significant IT challenge is determining which technology solutions are the right choices. This is further complicated by the ever-changing world of technology and the sometimes-mercurial needs of modern businesses (especially fast-growing ones). We will search your existing systems to identify issues and make recommendations about how you can change your technology strategy to better enable your business’s success.


Our network monitoring help can keep things running smoothly for your company in Quakertown, PA. If you want managed support that’s effective and affordable, our IT specialists are fully at your service. Other managed IT companies in Quakertown, PA and Bucks County, PA are totally different. We’re a firm that makes first-class managed IT assistance a top priority week in and week out. Our approach to network management assistance can give your company some relief. If you’re searching for managed IT companies that cover every base, we’re the one you want. Our IT solutions can help you be more productive.

Network Management You Can Depend On

Wireless Networking

For many businesses, having excellent wireless connectivity is essential for maximizing productivity. Team members want to be able to roam throughout the office and easily connect from anywhere. With a strong wireless network setup, you can ensure that your team is always connected and ready to be as productive as possible.

The number of devices connected to business wireless networks is increasing rapidly. Bring your own device policies, and the internet of things has a huge impact. We can help you be ready for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Remote Working Support

Businesses are increasingly adopting remote work policies that allow team members to work from anywhere. This can help them to access talent all around the world as well as reward employees with more flexible working arrangements. However, it also calls for comprehensive IT solutions that can enable secure and productive remote work.

The right IT infrastructure can make a huge difference. When built with a remote model in mind, the infrastructure should emphasize ease of connection, security on a variety of networks, and excellent data availability.
Altek can help you provide support for remote workers. We offer IT help desk, network support, and infrastructure management to bring your business operations into the remote era.


Our reliable team members are always available to answer our clients’ questions. Our specialists are constantly learning about new approaches they can take on the job. If you want to give your time to a company that never settles for anything, then you need to look straight at our team members. Altek Business Systems, Inc. is a company that aims to exceed expectations in all kinds of situations.

We care about the IT solutions we offer all of our clients. If you want assistance that never cuts any corners at all, you can lean on us. Our specialists are some of the most diligent professionals you can imagine. They strive daily to give our clients networks that operate without setbacks and glitches. If you want to enjoy a hassle-free and productive work environment every day of the week, then we’re looking forward to hearing from you here at Altek Business Systems, Inc.

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