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Expanding Your Business Outside of Company Walls

The age of the Mobile Workforce: 81% of Americans own a smartphone. Roughly one-in-five American adults are smartphone-only internet users. As for the rest, nearly three-quarters of U.S. adults own a laptop, and roughly half own a tablet device.¹ The move to mobile is undeniable! This mobile migration is having a direct influence in business today and the disruption is felt in every industry.

Whether you’re growing your business by expanding your remote workforce or you’re adapting to the current challenges, there are tools to create a productive virtual workspace. We want to share solutions that can unify communications, improve workflows, bolster mobile functionality, and secure critical documentation. We have the experience to understand your roadblocks, and want to support our customers with the tools they need to be successful.


Inundated with paperwork? Empower your workforce by streamlining offers, orders, delivery notes, and invoices all in one place! Secure digital storage of your documentation integrated with the power of automation.

More Effective Field Employees

Effortlessly and securely open new accounts, update requests, capture information, and collaborate within your organization, no matter where your team is located.

Streamlined Account and Customer Onboarding

Every company must land and retain customers. Paperless communication and ease of process will improve workflows and increase customer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Experience

Flexibility and portability will improve time-sensitive material and properly resolve requests, which will enhance your organization’s perception and boost engagement.

Boost Performance

Automating processes, implementing remote access, and boosting client convenience will be all improve the workflow and performance of your business. Guarantee your operational performance.

Find Immediate Benefit Within Your Workflow

Get Rid of Paper.
Get a Handle on File Shares.
Embrace the Cloud.


Let’s work better – together.

Comprehensive Solution

Centralize records. Smooth processes. Ensure privacy.


Century Fence increased employee productivity and profitability my “going mobile” with mobile document management software. The aim was a reduction in the time spent on clerical tasks. Field Superintendents for Century Fence spend much of their time outside of the office, and establishing access to project documents from anywhere and at any time proves to be a boost to productivity since superintendents are not slowed down when they were not in the office. What’s more, digital collaboration between departments and motivates every employee to contribute their best work resulting in improved profitability.

A growing company, Century Fence wanted to reduce dependence on paper-based files, speed up workflows and ensure records were searchable and transparent. The solution needed the flexibility to integrate with their ERP and accounting programs. It also needed to offer easy management of documents such as: quotes, cost breakdowns, bills of material, contracts, insurance certifications, site plans, work orders, change orders, and correspondence between multiple people.

The company chose DocuWare because of its flexibility, mobile app, and ability to sync with their ERP system. The company rolled out the software at all three locations simultaneously during a staged rollout. Within weeks the necessary documents were automated and Field Superintendents, with tablets, were able to access the information they needed seamlessly and easily. All the company’s fencing installations are performed by sub-contractors, so it is crucial for Superintendents to be onsite with quick access to project files at this time. Every member of the team can easily add and access project documents, whether they are in the office or onsite.

A Superintendent’s time spent on cost approvals has been reduced from 4 hours to 30 minutes per week. Digitizing accounting process has allowed the accounting department to operate more efficiently, eliminating the hassle, costs and time of physically sending documents back and forth between three offices.

Centralized Files in Cloud

Simplified Workflows

Mobile Access

Eliminate Multiplicity of Data

Manage Employees

Ease Audits & Secure Data

HR, AP, Sales, Legal, etc

Compliance Administration

Streamline and Automate Your Paperwork

Offers. Orders. Deliveries. Invoices. All in 1 place.

Want a Personalized Webinar?

We offer free consultations to ensure you are maximizing your productivity workflow and network security. We provide Managed IT, Document Management, Voice over IP (VoIP), Virtual Private Network (VPN), mobile business applications, and much more. Our Specialists can put together a strategic plan that is impactful and cost-effective. Altek can analyze your current infrastructure and office technology to create a plan that aligns with your company’s needs while staying within a monthly budget.

We know, it’s a lot of information! Allow us to help you make an informed decision.


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