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Meet the Canon V1000

As the demand for high-quality digital printing solutions continues to grow, Canon has been at the forefront of innovation with their new ImagePRESS V1000 series. This cutting-edge digital press provides exceptional image quality, speed, and versatility, making it one of the most advanced digital printing solutions available on the market today.

The V1000 is crafted to fulfill the demands of high-capacity printing environments like commercial printing firms, in-house printing divisions, and marketing departments. It excels in precise registration and uniformity, ensuring consistent and reliable color, delivering impressive results, accommodating various media sizes, and seamlessly integrating into advanced workflows.

Superb Registration & Consistency

Accurate and Stable Color

Stunning Repeatable Output

Benefit from Varied Shapes & Sizes

Advanced Workflow Integration

One of the key features of the Canon ImagePRESS V1000 is its exceptional image quality. This digital press uses Canon’s advanced imaging technologies, including their patented Red V-CSEL technology, codeveloped by Canon and Sony. The press also features a 2400×2400 dpi resolution, which ensures that even the smallest details are captured and reproduced with exceptional accuracy.

Another reason for the Canon ImagePRESS V1000’s stunning image quality is the Translucent CV Toner. The CV (Consistently Vivid) Toner has a larger color gamut compared with most chemical toners. The para-shell structure improves transfer efficiency to support a wide variety of media including embossed and other rough toner. It incorporates a binder resin which allows a lower fuser temperature to ensure stable fusing at high printing speeds.

imagePRESS V1000 – up to 100 ppm
Recommended Monthly Volume: 500k pages


Companies have reported a 500% decrease in downtime when bringing production print in-house

Produce, Adapt, and Grow Your Business

Another key feature of the V1000 is its versatility. It is capable of printing on a wide range of media types, including coated and uncoated paper, labels, envelopes, and even synthetic media. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of printing applications, including marketing materials, catalogs, packaging, and more

Trifold / Half fold

Direct Mail / Invoices / TransPromo

Postcards / Business Cards

Reports / Newsletters

Translucent CV (Consistently Vivid) Toner

Specialty Media / Envelopes / Packaging

Wirebound Projects: Calendars, Courses, Dire

Brochures / Booklets


Combine your creativity with endless functionality

Feature-Rich Technology

The V1000 also features a range of advanced finishing options that allow for more versatility.

Starting with the built-in paper cooling unit to cool the high-temperature paper immediately after fixing. The Canon ImagePRESS V1000 offers all different styles and configurations for finishing options, like inserting, stacking, stapling, punching, creasing, booklet making, perfect binding, and ring binding. Something that allows the Canon ImagePRESS V1000 to truly stand out is the sensing unit that can be added to the device. By selecting an automatic adjustment to be performed at an interval between 50 and 9999 sheets, the Canon ImagePRESS V1000 achieves more stable registration throughout the job. As the test chart is printed on a separate sheet, there is no need for post-processing the output, allowing jobs to be run efficiently and less labor intensive.

One of the major benefits of the Canon ImagePRESS V1000 is its ease of use. It features an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows users to easily navigate through the various settings and options, and make adjustments as needed. The press also features advanced automation capabilities, including automatic paper size detection and adjustment, which helps to streamline the printing process and reduce the risk of errors or wasted materials.

EFI™ offers an external digital front end (DFE), imagePRESS Server D3000, driving the Canon imagePRESS V1000. Based on the Fiery FS500 Pro platform, it offers superior processing speed, exceptional image quality supported by automated profiling and calibration tools, and efficient productivity to high-volume print production companies. imagePRESS Server D3000 benefits from built-in profiles created using our latest color profiling technology, EFI Fiery Edge™.

Matching Color

Calibrating Color

Modifying Jobs


Project Management

Overall, the Canon ImagePRESS V1000 is an exceptional digital press that offers unmatched image quality, speed, technology, and versatility. It is an ideal solution for high-volume printing environments that require fast, reliable, and high-quality printing solutions. With its advanced imaging technologies, advanced paper handling capabilities, and intuitive user interface, the Canon ImagePRESS V1000 is sure to become a go-to solution for commercial printers, in-plant printing departments, marketing, and other similar environments.

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