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Altek Expands into New Territory with Launch of New Jersey Location

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider (MSP) Invests into Location to Serve Even More Growing Companies

PRESS RELEASE • Marlton, NJ — Altek, a leading managed technology services provider (MSP) and document imaging specialist, recently announced they’ve expanded their presence into New Jersey. Consistent customer demand has prompted their growth into new markets and Altek has responded by opening a new office which is located at 10000 Lincoln Dr. E, Suite 201 in Marlton, New Jersey. Altek will be bringing its comprehensive suite of business technology solutions to growth-oriented organizations in the greater New Jersey area that need support in the areas of managed IT, cyber security, office & production print, document management, and more. While Altek will be bringing an award-winning customer service team to the market, they will also be integrating several of the most beloved technicians, sales representatives, and VP of Sales from former organizations who have served the area for many years prior. Altek has grown successfully over the past 3 decades because they understand the customer’s pain points in the marketplace. Organizations are searching for a technology provider who can offer local support, prompt service, and manufacturer-trained technicians to keep their business technology systems optimized and at peak efficiency.

Altek has developed a strong reputation over the years by fundamentally approaching technology in a different manner than most of its competitors. Whereas most larger corporations lack the personal attention and care that a smaller firm can offer, Altek excels through its unique philosophy of partnering with its customers. “I firmly believe that one of the reasons we’ve won so many awards is that our top priority is to partner with our customers. Instead of simply offering technology products to clients, we take it a step further to figure out how the technology we can provide will ultimately lead to our clients’ increased profitability or how it can give them a competitive advantage in their respective industry,” stated Scott Flaherty, COO of Altek. “One recent example I can point to is when a client approached us after experiencing repeated issues with their copiers. They assumed it was due to faulty machines which were down 6-8% of the time. Since this was unacceptable to the organization, it was draining productivity and their frustration had peaked, they were preparing to purchase an entirely new fleet of 600+ machines. The cost of this would have been in the millions. However, we dug deeper and discovered the actual problem was not the machines themselves, but because they were using a third-party provider for generic toner, parts, and maintenance. Once we discovered that was the actual issue, we figured out how to properly repair many of their existing machines, which 5x’d the efficiency of their machines, whilst dropping their total cost on optimization, which saved them roughly $750,000 on their total cost. We were also able to facilitate the transaction through a monthly expense, instead of requiring a large capital expenditure, so the company could more easily absorb the cost.” Flaherty later added, “This is what makes us different. We treat your business as if it were another department of our own business and we focus relentlessly on achieving the best overall outcome.”

“Instead of simply offering technology products to clients, we take it a step further to figure out how the technology we can provide will ultimately lead to our clients’ increased profitability or how it can give them a competitive advantage in their respective industry.”

Another key frustration that many business owners frequently face with their technology is they purchase advanced equipment, but when it breaks down, vendors begin to blame one another as being the cause of the issue. Ultimately, vendor finger-pointing leaves the customer in a vacuum, where their issue prolongs unnecessarily, causing costly downtime. Altek is eliminating this by expanding its product and services portfolio and is taking additional responsibility for overlapping solutions on customer IT networks. This is why they’ve heavily invested in top, local IT talent. Their objective is to employ in-house experts, who can immediately rectify customer issues. Not to mention, this gives clients one number to call and a single point of accountability on all technology-related services for which they utilize Altek. Effectively, Altek is becoming an alternative option to hiring a CTO or CIO that needs to strategize on the end user’s technology roadmap.

Flaherty added, “It’s our job to share our expertise with our clients. They’re too busy focusing on growing their organizations and this is why we assume the responsibility for thinking strategically about how they can deploy technology to drive profits and scale their organizations to the next level, in the most efficient, streamlined manner possible.”

Perhaps this level of accountability is why Altek has earned a 100% Net Promoter Score in 2022 and why we expect them to continue to grow in the future.

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Since 1991, Altek has been offering the latest in business technology and award-winning customer satisfaction. Our staff, with 30 years of technology experience, provides cutting-edge Managed IT, Print Solutions, and Document Management. At Altek, we take the consultative approach. By focusing on your business goals, we create an individually tailored solution. We enhance efficiency and profit while ensuring your goals and objectives are being met by providing training, support, and ongoing maintenance.

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Many companies claim their service is “The Best Service in the Business”, but we have the scores to prove it. Over the last 5 years, we have received a Net Promoter Score® of over 95, which puts us in the top 3% of companies in North America.

We know our success is tied to our client’s success, so each customer we have is a relationship we invest in.

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