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Improve Workflow within Sales and Service

Car dealership digitizes processes and consolidates paperwork from four locations to boost customer service levels, meet document retention standards, and improve productivity with Document Management.

Moritz of Fort Worth is a privately-owned car dealer group with four locations in the Fort Worth, Texas area. They operate three Kia dealerships, as well as a Chevrolet, Chrysler, Jeep, and a Dodge Ram group.

The service department is a large profit center in any dealership. Ensuring all repair orders and supplemental documents are correctly recorded was one of Moritz’s primary goals. Additionally, Moritz follows each manufacturer’s requirements for document filing, including when date and time stamps are used, and when signatures need to be ink or digital. Failure to fulfill document requirements leaves a dealership open to large fines from manufacturers.

Document Management provides you the functionality, flexibility, and competitive price point were influential in the Moritz team’s decision-making process. Dealerships typically have a high employee turnover rate. Moritz leadership knew that they would constantly be training new employees to use the system, so ease-of-use was critical.

Furthermore, gathering in-depth knowledge of Moritz’s dealer software, allowed integration into Moritz’s existing IT landscape. This was done cost-effectively and “filled in any gaps”, such as the ability to store electronic documents not created in-house and add them to repair orders.


A step-by-step look at how Document Management improved workflows

A repair order is created when a customer pulls into the service bay and the Service Advisor begins the paperwork for a scheduled repair. The mechanic can easily add other documents to the order, such as test results, repair or replace analysis worksheets, or sublet repair invoices. The mechanic signs, dates and returns the documents to the Service Advisor. The customer signs the repair order when they come to pick up their vehicle. If a customer pays for the repair, the workflow is complete.

All repair packets are scanned and indexed in from the print file. If additional documents need to be added to these repair documents later, they can be electronically stapled. For repairs that need to be submitted to the manufacturer or a third-party provider for a warranty or extended warranty payments, documentation is reviewed and submitted. Prior to Document Management implementation, this workflow took significantly longer, not to mention had more chances of error. 

Improving the infrastructure of the entire company empowered the team, supported sales, and improved service. 

Sales and Marketing

Share, edit and archive contracts, proposals and sales collateral

Invoice Processing

From first touch to payment, remove the manual steps in dealing with invoices

Secure Archiving

Keep critical business information securely archived and accessible

Human Resources

Digitize and centralize every employee’s records

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Document Management and Workflow Automation

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