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The Crucial Need for a Penetration Test

Can You Withstand A Cyber Attack?

Imagine the embarrassment of having to notify your clients and vendors that, because of a simple mistake, their information is in the hands of cybercriminals.

Now you’re paying expensive emergency IT fees while your operations are halted or severely limited for days or weeks. You’ll be experiencing data loss, customer loss, potential lawsuits, or government fines for violating data breach laws. This could deeply impact the longevity of your business.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn how easily hackers can access your information without keeping track of it. Make sure your team is adhering to good cyber hygiene with a penetration test. Nearly every data breach is preventable. Don’t put it off until tomorrow. 

Penetration Test will…

• Examine firewalls
Evaluate access management
• Access current malware
• Uncover confidential information

Get Started By…

• Sign an NDA
• Receive an email with link

• Let it run in the background
• Schedule a meeting to review

Uncover data leaks, vulnerabilities, patch issues, shared passwords, and more!

LIMITED TIME: We’re offering a complimentary scan ($5,000 value). Schedule your consultation today. 

Steps for Peace of Mind

Install Scan

Review Report

Address Issues

Recurring Scans

The Assessment Results

When you request the report in the portal, we will analyze the outside of the network by brute forcing their DNS, looking at the external address of each device that checked in with us, and analyzing each of the ports that are open for vulnerabilities.

• Endpoint & Server Misconfigurations
• Local & Active Directory Account Configuration
• Cyber Hygiene
• Microsoft 365 Misconfigurations
• Patching
• Improperly Configured Endpoint Security Tools
• Network Device Vulnerabilities
• External Vulnerability Analysis
• Encrypted PII Stores on Devices
• Encrypted Drives

Are You Ready To Protect Yourself?

We know, it’s a lot of information! Allow us to help you make an informed decision.

LIMITED TIME: We’re offering a complimentary scan ($5,000 value).


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