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Altek Eliminates Downtime By Mobilizing Only Canon-Certified Office Technology Technicians

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider (MSP) Bucks Trend and Hires Local,  Manufacturer-Certified Technicians

PRESS RELEASE – Altek, a leading managed services provider (MSP) and specialist, recently announced they’ve bolstered their service department with manufacturer-trained and manufacturer-certified Canon technicians. This caliber of proactive response is typical for Altek and is their latest to address two of the biggest problems that most small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face when they invest significantly into office technology. The two problems that many business owners face when it comes to any office technology deployment are 1) unnecessary, costly downtime due to malfunctioning equipment and 2) planned technological obsolescence. The leadership at Altek is committed to ensuring that customers receive an exceptional experience and even though new, innovative technology can be exciting, the most important factor behind any business technology is its uptime. Altek currently promises a 99% uptime on all technology equipment they deploy, and this move to hire experienced technicians and continuously train on the latest Canon certifications will enable them to continue to deliver the superior customer experience that has led to their popularity in recent years. 

The core factor that most SMBs ultimately care about is that the underlying technology will work, as promised, reliably for a long time. “Typically, customers call us when they’re utterly frustrated with a lack of customer service or when their equipment is malfunctioning,” stated Scott Flaherty, COO of Altek. He continued, “One recent customer called us because they were frustrated their expensive Canon copier sat idly ‘out of order’ for 3 months, despite repeated attempts to have a generic technician fix the issue. They called us when they were considering whether or not to purchase a brand new machine for $2,000-$3,000. Instead, we insisted our Canon-certified tech should come out and take a look before making any costly decisions. While typical technicians couldn’t figure out the issue over 3 months, it only took our technician 15 minutes to not only identify the problem but to fix it, too.” Flaherty later commented, “While it’s important for any technology provider to look towards the future and bring advanced technology solutions to customers, it’s more immediately important that they ensure their customers are getting the most out of whatever technology they’ve already invested into. When we have techs on-staff, they are required to do 120+ hours of factory training before receiving their certifications. This enables us to ensure that our customers are getting the very best customer experience possible, the first time they reach out.” 

“Even though that’s a typical experience customers are used to, that type of experience is completely unacceptable. For decades, we’ve been firmly committed to representing the alternative option to that experience which is based on mutual respect, expertise, and speed,”

Another big trend that Altek is bucking is how the company utilizes local, technology experts, as opposed to outsourcing its customer service department overseas. “Far too many businesses are accustomed to a lackluster customer experience. They expect it to be normal for them to call into a call center and need to argue with an unqualified customer service person who is indifferent towards their challenges, only to eventually be given redundant, entry-level tips, which don’t resolve the situation. There’s just lots of waiting and fingerpointing. Even though that’s a typical experience customers are used to, that type of experience is completely unacceptable. For decades, we’ve been firmly committed to representing the alternative option to that experience which is based on mutual respect, expertise, and speed,” added Flaherty. “When you call us, you will speak with an on-staff expert who is skilled and sufficiently trained in your specific technology so they can resolve any issues as quickly as humanly possible. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and we’re committed to delivering that caliber of experience, not only in words but in action. While our philosophy is simple, it is appreciated by customers, which is one of the reasons I believe we’ve been growing so consistently over the past several years.” 

Altek’s technicians are now servicing the full suite of Canon products, including copiers, imaging solutions, wide formats, ID badges, and much more. “Basically, if your business technology has a Canon logo on it, we are the best place to call,” concluded Flaherty. If you have any technology-related questions you’d like to ask about please contact Altek by calling 215-721-9355 or emailing us.

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