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Workflow Tips: Dictation

A great way to improve your efficiency is to use the speech recognition tools that are built into all of the Microsoft Office 365 applications. People have been speaking commands to their iPhone or Android for years, and the same feature is available in Word, Exchange, Excel, and PowerPoint. It’s the fastest way to get text into a computer. A good typist can type 50 words a minute, and that requires skill. Anyone can talk over 100 words per minute – plus perfect spelling.

Speech reorganization research started in the 1950 and has improved significantly in the past few years which is now speaker independent with no training required. The systems use feedback to improve themselves.

Windows labels the function ‘Dictate’, and you can simply press the Windows key + H or click on the Dictate button on the task ribbon. You must have an internet connection because Microsoft uses an online system. You will then see the dictate screen. Start talking and your words will appear in the document. You can speak punctuation and line commands like “period” or “new paragraph”. Dictating is a great way to get the body of your work in quickly! We use this feature often; we speak our thoughts first and then edit for clarity. Try it out today!


Microsoft Dictate

Learn more about Dictate in Microsoft


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