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How Do Altek Business Apps Work?

By September 13, 2022August 23rd, 2023No Comments

Altek business apps are software solutions our customers use to organize and enhance their document management and printing workflows. In most businesses, document management has both a physical and digital aspect. Our business applications help you to organize and work with your documents smoothly throughout that continuum.

Many popular business platforms can work with our apps. For example, you can connect with QuickBooks, Google, Dropbox, Salesforce, and others. If these platforms are already making your business more efficient, with the power of Altek business apps, you will be able to harness even more of their value. If you aren’t currently using them, we may recommend some cloud solutions that would help you beyond your printing needs.

When you choose Altek as your business app provider, we will work with you to determine what solutions will best enable your team to thrive. We have a large selection of Kyocera apps that can help you with almost all your document needs, from capturing and distributing documents, to mobile and cloud management, to networked device management.

We will also help you with setting up your printing infrastructure to use the selected business apps. It is then backed by our leading customer service. In other words, Altek business apps make it easier for your team to work smoothly.

What Can Altek Business Applications Do For Your Business?

We offer a broad catalog of business apps, particularly from Kyocera. These are ideal for use in the legal, healthcare, finance, government, education, and enterprise sectors. However, businesses of all sizes and types can benefit from good document apps. These are some of the core benefits that our business applications offer:

  • Save Money: Cost controls can help organizations save a substantial amount of money. With our business apps, you will have greater visibility of your printing costs and efficiency, helping you to save a potentially significant amount of money.
  • Increase Security: Many businesses have documents that are highly sensitive. Printing on a shared MFP could potentially be a weak point in your security. Fortunately, our business apps and other solutions can help.
  • Enhance Productivity: For nearly all businesses, smoother workflows mean more productivity and greater financial efficiency. This can also reduce frustration by averting annoying obstacles that get in the way of your team.
  • Simplify Device Management: If you have numerous networked printing devices, you need efficient ways to keep them organized. Whether you outsource your print fleet management or have an internal team, the right business applications can make the process easier.
  • Tap Into the Cloud: Cloud computing has helped organizations increase data availability, hedge against business interruptions, scale more efficiently, and achieve many other businesses. With our apps, you can tap into the power of the cloud for your document and print management.

With Altek business apps, you can capture, distribute, manage, and track documents from the office or out on the road with any device under your organization’s management. Getting things done has never been easier.

Contact Altek Today for Business Apps and Print Solutions

Altek can help your business get more from its printing devices. Between our careful planning, excellent implementation, valuable business apps, and superior customer service, we can empower your organization to operate more efficiently than ever. Contact us today to learn more about our business apps and to request a consultation with our team.