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How Kinetic Solutions Can Increase Your Profits

By September 11, 2018March 18th, 2024No Comments

How Kinetic Solution Can Increase Your Profits

Even if your business processes run differently than everyone else, which, let’s be honest, it does in its own way, they all share key requirements and decision points. Kinetic Solutions turn these common denominators into smooth digital workflows that you can further adapt to your team’s needs.
Docuware’s Kinetic Solutions provides the functions and services you need to ensure a smooth, consistent and transparent information flow within your team. Preconfiguration removes the complexity of implementation but still allows for a completely custom-built workflow solution. The six main things that Docuware’s Kinetic Solutions does show you how they can help you increase profits by improving the flow of information within your organization.

Archive Organizations 

Combine scanning, office files, emails, and all other documents into a single, secure, searchable electronic file cabinet. Import Functions as well as store, search and result list dialogs have already been set up for you.

Document Capture 

Capture and index documents quickly without manual data entry, leveraging DocuWare Intelligent Indexing to automatically capture customizable, predefined data fields.

User Profiles and Rights

Protect information by clearly controlling who can access which documents and files in your organization. Simply assign users the appropriate secure role.

Exception Rules

Provide everyone on your team with the right information at the right time. The Necessary process steps, task sequences and escalation levels have been carefully designed by process experts.


Connect your Docuware Kinetic Solutions with other application for an integrated information ecosystem. Just activate the interfaces included and you’re ready to go.


Take advantage of Docuware Cloud’s comprehensive, multi-level security to keep information safe and meet compliance standards.