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Kinetic Solutions – Uncompromisingly Easy Office Automation

By September 7, 2018May 24th, 2019No Comments

If someone walked into your office and applied for an Accounts Payable position, there would be one of two things that happens. Either that person has perfect timing and you need someone or there is no need for an Accounts Payable person so you move on. What if someone walked in and said that they can process faster than any other person, more accurately than any other person, work with any account payable software, will email whoever they need to for approvals every time, and will free up all of your other employees to refocus on far more productive projects. Then they showed you the proof of these claims. Would you consider adding them then? Altek’s Document Management Solution through Docuware does all of that and Intelligent Indexing instantly identifies the most valuable information on a document and converts it into a highly structured, usable data, doing all of the things that the person that just walked into your office claimed.

Machine learning technology remembers each document and your indexing corrections, so every capture increases the speed, accuracy and reliability of the tool. After just a few documents, capture is automated and seamless.

Thanks to Docuware’s Intelligent Indexing being a secure cloud-based service, it uses “crowd-wisdom” to grow even faster and more efficient every day. When one of your vendors changes their invoice, you don’t have to worry about reteaching Docuware more than once, and with “crowd-wisdom” it may even pick up the changes without having to be taught anything.

Although invoices, contracts and many documents start their life on paper, Docuware Intelligent Indexing effortlessly scans for key terms and converts them into structured, indexed data that is usable and searchable. Intelligent Indexing helps companies of all sizes process documents that cannot be standardized – like incoming invoices and delivery slips that look different depending on the supplier.

With Intelligent Indexing, tedious and time-consuming labor is eliminated, employee errors are eliminated, and a highly customized document management system is implemented with Kinetic Solutions, freeing employees to refocus on far more productive projects.

If you want to learn more about Docuware’s Solutions and how it can benefit your business, find out more information about our upcoming Docuware Event: