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You Can’t See Your Blind Spots

Let’s Talk About Recurring 3rd Party Security Assessments 

Network scans are the frontline defenders in identifying vulnerabilities within your network infrastructure, uncovering potential entry points for cyber threats. Conducting regular network scans is crucial to proactively detect weaknesses, prioritize security measures, and fortify your defenses against potential cyberattacks. By engaging an external resource, you gain an objective evaluation of your network’s vulnerabilities from a seasoned professional, met with tailored recommendations to bolster compliance adherence from an unbiased specialist.

When you have your team do assessments themselves:

  • Your team has to remember to do it
  • They have to constantly expand what they’re looking for
  • The team has to tie a bunch of tools and data together and hope they’re catching everything

Common Examples of Vulnerability

Example 1: Technicians temporarily turn off a firewall while troubleshooting backups
A major step in troubleshooting is often disabling security tools. How do you know these tools are getting turned back on? How do you know new vulnerabilities are getting patched?

Example 2: Providing Wi-Fi has become popular for many businesses. However, providing this service incorrectly poses a severe vulnerability because it can give users access to the internal network. If it is not password protected, it is accessible to anyone, including intruders looking for ways into networks. They can access the network or imitate your network and have company devices sending information through impersonating access points.

Example 3: Email Phishing utilizing scare tactics and intense urgency. 
It’s crucial for individuals to be cautious when receiving unsolicited emails, especially those that request personal information or prompt immediate action. Always verify the legitimacy of such emails by contacting the company directly through official channels instead of using the provided contact information in the suspicious email.

Worst of all: You can’t see your own blind spots

These are just a few examples of how your company is likely vulnerable without recurring 3rd party assessments.

Every business needs to prioritize its goals, focus on its strengths, and delegate the services that are best suited for someone who has your best interest in mind to thrive in today’s business environment.

Steps for Peace of Mind

Install Scan

Review Report

Address Issues

Recurring Scans

The Assessment Results

When you request the report in the portal, we will analyze the outside of the network by brute forcing their DNS, looking at the external address of each device that checked in with us, and analyzing each of the ports that are open for vulnerabilities.

Endpoint & Server Misconfigurations

Endpoint and server misconfigurations make it easier for hackers to either get into, move laterally, or create persistence in your client environments, such as Improperly Escaped Service Paths.

Local & Active Directory Account Configuration

Local and Active Directory Account and policy configuration includes issues like ticket rotation, password policy enforcement, and account deactivation. These may not be sexy, but having good local and Active Directory account and policy hygiene reduces the chances of attackers breaking in with leaked credentials to your network. This allows attackers to get access to all of your data, in some cases by compromising a single account.

Cyber Hygiene

When it comes to security, users are often your worse enemy. Cyber security hygiene is a critical part of defense. We crack passwords, review cookies, and even analyze tokens on the devices to measure the users’ cyber hygiene.

Microsoft 365 Misconfigurations

With over 70% of small businesses storing their data on the cloud, M365 misconfigurations lead to huge breaches. We analyze your client’s M365 tenant for security issues, login attempts, misconfigurations, and even global admin account use patterns.


Whether a user is skipping the maintenance window, or your RMM isn’t properly pushing patches to devices the result is the same: vulnerability. We’ve seen it all when it comes to missing patches. Our team not only analyzes the patches on the device, we also keep a list of hacker toolcraft and can show you which patches are actually being actively exploited in the wild.

Improperly Configured Endpoint Security Tools

Our team reviews your environment for missing and improperly configured endpoint security tools like SIEM, EDR, XDR, and MDX. If you don’t have these tools set up or properly reporting back, it doesn’t matter how attentive your security operations staff are, they have nothing to see.

Network Device Vulnerabilities

We scan your network devices for vulnerabilities. Windows devices aren’t the only way in for hackers. Once they get a user to click a malicious link, they search for ways to move laterally inside the environment. We use similar methodologies to identify vulnerabilities in your network devices like printers, scanners, copiers, switches and routers.

External Vulnerability Analysis

Nine percent of attacks start from outside of the network using external vulnerabilities like J4Shell as a way in. We use similar tactics hackers use to identify these vulnerabilities by brute forcing your DNS, getting a list of all of your exposed servers and workstations, then attacking their open addresses and ports.

Encrypted PII Stores on Devices

EXCLUSIVE: Ransomware isn’t the only way hackers make money these days. One key method is finding unencrypted personal identifiable information and exfiltrating it from networks. We analyze your users to make sure they don’t have unencrypted PII sitting around.

Encrypted Drives

EXCLUSIVE: Even though we all know drive encryption is very important, a staggering number of unencrypted hard drives within networks store sensitive data.

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