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Proactive Monitoring is Crucial for your Business

By July 31, 2018May 24th, 2019No Comments

One of the 5 main focuses of Total IT Peace of Mind is Proactive IT Monitoring.

Proactive Monitoring is something that many companies aren’t actively doing, but it is a best practice that save companies thousands of dollars and make companies much more productive.

Proactive Monitoring means that your devices and network are constantly being monitored. When something becomes close to failure, like a hard drive, we are alerted before it happens and are able to remove the hard drive, back it up, and replace it with a new hard drive without you ever losing any information. When your network starts acting up, Altek’s Proactive Monitoring alerts us before even you can. Often, we are already working on the problem by the time you call it in.

Proactive Monitoring also provides a window into the status and health of your network. Think of Proactive Monitoring like Air Traffic Control, monitoring the traffic and avoiding potential disasters before they even happen. A good IT Department will reduce the amount of issues your business has just through Proactive Monitoring.
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