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Altek Empowers Souderton School District with State-of-the-Art Printing Solutions and Career Development Opportunities 

Leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) Selected to Implement Technology for Fifth Largest School District in the State  

PRESS RELEASEAltek, a leading managed services provider (MSP) and document imaging specialist, is thrilled to announce its significant contract win with the Souderton School District, which is the fifth-largest school district in the state. With over 6,200 students and a remarkable student-teacher ratio of 13:1, the Souderton School District places significant importance on providing innovative technology and fostering a learning environment where all students can thrive. Altek is proud to be partnering with this school district so it can ensure that all students, teachers, and administrators benefit from the latest developments in technology and increase ease within their day-to-day workflows.

The Souderton School District is one of the most prestigious school districts in the state and is focused on providing the best possible learning environment for students. Recently, they engaged Altek to modernize their technology. MSPs and document imaging specialists, like Altek, compete fiercely for opportunities like this, however, Altek was awarded this opportunity because they prioritized the needs of the students, faculty, and administrators, above all else. “We were positively thrilled to get the opportunity to work with Souderton,” stated Scott Flaherty, COO of Altek.

Souderton gained notoriety in the academic community through its unique Pathways 360 Program, which prepares students for life beyond the classroom. The program has already met tremendous success and is being replicated statewide to increase the number of students served. The Pathways 360 Program offers four pathways to success which students can participate in by pursuing either Business & Communication, Arts & Humanities, Industry & Engineering, or Health & Human Services. Students go through a structured program that assists them with career guidance, career exploration, job shadowing, mentorship, and even lessons in personal finance. While most MSP or document imaging companies are merely focused on securing a transaction, Altek won this deal by building a relationship with the district for several years before they even knew there would be a need for new technology. In fact, Altek has been supporting Souderton students for a long-time by attending career fairs, offering internships to students, and even welcoming a high school graduate as a full-time employee at Altek.

“Before stepping into the corporate world, I was very passionate about my studies in education,” stated Flaherty. “When I first heard about Souderton’s initiative with Pathways, I knew it was a fantastic idea and wanted to get us involved immediately. The irony is that at the time, our involvement did not make any sense from a business perspective, but I didn’t care because I knew it was important for the students. These kinds of programs have the capacity to alter the trajectory of so many high school students’ futures and I hope our involvement inspires more business owners to participate more fully in the success of their community at large.”

Mike Darcy, the Business Department Leader from the Souderton Area High School was enthusiastic about the partnership with Altek as both organizations clearly share a mutual commitment to serve the youth at the highest levels possible. With cutting-edge programs and advanced technology, students are set up for success.

Any top performing school district also needs to make sure any modern technology system they rely on is extremely efficient. With tight budgets, one of the major considerations for any school district in need of a technology system is a fair price. “Schools may have limited budgets, but our team is exceptional at finding creative solutions,” commented Flaherty. Since Altek has strong partnerships with manufacturers they were able to offer an incredibly competitive bid and compelling value proposition as they delivered a mixed fleet of Kyocera and Xerox printers, which are far superior to the school district’s older devices. The new machines will improve print quality and productivity for faculty, ease-of-use for teachers, and flexibility for the school in the future.

Another crucial aspect of Altek’s technology solution was the inclusion of Papercut, a widely recognized print management system for educators. The Souderton School District recognized the value of this powerful software, which offers comprehensive printing management, cost allocation, and environmentally friendly features and Altek was able to integrate it into their technology solution. By implementing Papercut, the district will experience enhanced document management and significant reductions in printing costs, which enable them to allocate budget to other programs and initiatives.

Altek’s ability to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to the Souderton School District’s specific needs was instrumental in their successful bid. By addressing printing quality, community engagement, and cost optimization through Papercut, Altek displayed their commitment to solving the district’s problems and driving positive change within the educational environment.

In preparation for the implementation, Altek has assembled a dedicated team of 14 experts who will conduct weekly meetings to ensure a seamless transition. The team will oversee the installation of 52 machines, while simultaneously removing 51 existing machines across the district’s ten buildings. Flaherty will put his Bachelors of Education to effective use as he will lead comprehensive training sessions for teachers, ensuring that all users have a thorough understanding of the new printing solutions.

Despite economic turbulence, it is no secret why Altek continues to thrive. Their commitment to service, capacity to drive efficiency, and ability to customize technology solutions to fit the specific needs of unique customers has made them shine and will no doubt lead to more growth in the future.

If you have any technology-related questions you would like to ask about, please contact Altek by calling 215-721-9355 or by sending us a message.

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We know our success is tied to our client’s success, so each customer we have is a relationship we invest in.

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