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How to Obtain Total Information Technology Peace of Mind

By July 24, 2018February 16th, 2024No Comments

There are 5 main focuses when considering how to obtain total IT Peace of Mind, technically 6 but we will talk about that later. Most companies have one of three IT strategies currently within their business model. These strategies are where we will begin talking about Total IT Peace of Mind.

In-House IT Department

The first is that they have their own department. Larger companies generally have this and can afford to have anywhere from 3-5 IT staff to cover the office no matter what, including vacations, sick time, and any sudden unexpected occurrences. These companies are capable of having an IT presence at all times and never have to worry about not having IT assistance.


The second is what many companies do when they do not feel that they are big enough to have an entire department, they hire someone to handle it or assign it to someone that already has job roles within the company. Often, this person is a one man show, so if they are sick or on vacation then the IT waits within that company.

IT Partnership

The third is what many companies are transitioning to and it is either a fully partnered IT department, using another company for everything, or a combination of the previous two and using a company to fill in their gaps and ensure they always have protection when it comes to their IT peace of mind.

Whether you are a company with a full IT department, or a company with a person that wears the IT hat depending on the day, Altek’s Managed Information Technology can help your company to ensure it has a complete peace of mind. As we continue to discuss the focuses of Total Information Technology Peace of Mind, we will go over what to consider, how to consider it, and what the best practices currently are.

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