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What Are Managed IT Services & Why Are They Important To Your Business?

By April 14, 2022February 16th, 2024No Comments

With the current technological advancements happening every day, businesses require managed IT services to thrive and run smoothly. These services relieve the in-house IT staff from strenuous activities such as tracking leads, building brand visibility, and managing cash flows. Leaving the work to the experts permits your team to focus on other vital aspects pertaining to the strategic growth of your business rather than the day-to-day operations.

At Altek Business Systems, we have a professional team with the necessary skills and profound experience to effectively handle your firm’s more mundane tasks, such as daily services and support. Hiring us means your team will have adequate time to leverage the organization’s best software solutions and devise other strategies to improve IT infrastructure to maximize productivity across departments.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services involve all information technology services and proactive support handled by an external firm through cloud-based software. Outsourcing these information technology solutions provides round-the-clock system monitoring of your firm, alongside proactive support, repair services, and timely troubleshooting, even before your internal IT team notices the issue.

Some IT support offered by our managed IT teams includes managing the firm’s network, remote monitoring, video conferencing solutions, collaboration tools, cloud-based storage, server maintenance, cybersecurity measures, and virtual machine management.

Benefits of Managed IT Services to Your Business

Regardless of its size, there are limitless benefits an organization can reap from a managed IT service provider. The benefits include:

  • Streamlined Operations: Putting management, data security and storage, and system monitoring, among others, under one roof eliminates the issues of finger-pointing and blame-gaming whenever something goes wrong. The managed IT team will take full responsibility for ensuring everything works perfectly.
  • Centralizing servers and applications improves data security and stability: The managed IT holds your apps and data remotely in a virtual server environment. This environment follows international security and control standards. It ensures your data and other resources remain secure even amid natural disasters, floods, or accidental fire outbreaks in the office.
  • Availability: Managed IT Service providers offer round-the-clock services to give your in-house IT staff peace of mind throughout the operation period.
  • Knowledge: Trained and experienced managed IT service providers can do additional information technology roles beyond your in-house IT staff capability.
  • Control Costs: The scalability of the managed IT helps the firm control costs and significantly conserve resources.
  • Compliance: Experienced managed IT support helps the organization comply with the standards and rules such as the security of financial data and consumer privacy to protect individual rights.
  • Upgrades: They provide future-proof services such as training and upgrading IT systems to ensure your facilities don’t become obsolete due to ever-increasing technological innovations.


Strategic IT Management Means Proactive IT Support

Proactive IT support strategies allow your business to adapt to changing environments and meet future challenges. Effective communication is the key to winning customers online in a competitive market.

Customers want their questions answered quickly, and the issues addressed satisfactorily. Managed IT services use approaches such as shortening phone queues, increasing self-service, call-back options, and other competitive advantages to boost your business.

Choosing the Right Managed IT Services Provider

Although most IT service providers can offer many benefits to your business, there are some factors you should put into play to get the best return on your investment. Some factors to consider include:

Accountability: Before choosing your service provider, ensure they have well-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Hiring service providers who cannot be held accountable will result in huge losses and frustration.

Strategic IT Planning: The right managed IT service providers help you plan configuration changes, infrastructure upgrades, and other additions.

Good Track Record: Before selecting your provider, you should verify their customers’ reviews and track records from related organizations they service.

Altek Business Systems Is Your Trusted Managed IT Service Provider

Are you wondering why and where you need to outsource your IT services? Trust your information technology needs to the experts at Altek Business Systems, ensuring that your firm remains shielded from potential technological failures and data loss, which could otherwise have devastating effects. Our services will also help you save time, costs, cut-edge technology, and improve IT staff efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to schedule your services.