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Survival Versus Adaptation in Business

How much to invest in technology has become one of the most crucial decisions for a modern business in 2020. Unfortunately, in the wake of COVID19, there are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who have resorted to survival mode, reducing their tech budget by 30%. However, those in adaptive mode will only be reducing their budget by 10%. They understand success and growth is a by-product of adaption.

Don’t lock up your growth by slamming on the brakes. New technology allows organizations to digitally transform their processes. Upgrades to hardware, software, and their technology platforms, are essential for organizations to not only meet demands, but also excel in comparison to their competition.

Challenges when it comes to new tech:

the cost


tech training


choosing vendors


We realize these concerns are reasonable, however we can’t let them delay the decision-making process. At Altek, we analyze your workflow and infrastructure in order to provide you a solution that best fits your needs and your budget. We also provide hands-on training to the end users after implementation, to ensure your ROI.

The investment in new technology can mean the difference between success and failure.

SMBs indicate tech is a primary factor in pursuing their business objectives

SMBs owners believe keeping up with tech is important to their success

report significant business growth from updates in digital and cloud use

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Since 1991, Altek have been providing business technology to the greater Philadelphia area. Our staff, with 30 years of technology experience, offers cutting-edge Managed IT, Workflow Solutions, Document Management, and Print Solutions throughout the Montgomery County, Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, and Philadelphia areas.

Spend Smarter

The average business spends 8-10% of their budget on tech. Accepting the cheapest bid doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best product, quality service, or lowest cost of ownership.

Improve Productivity

The way we increase your productivity is by analyzing your workflow and being proactive, not reactive. If your tech goes down, your profit drops rapidly.

Graph Increasing

Decrease Footprint

Upgrading to electronic documents will lessen your environmental footprint dramatically. In addition, we offer energy-saving, reliable machines for efficient toner usage and reduced misprints.

Help Community

Altek takes pride in the communities which we are part of. Each year, we focus on giving back to numerous charities to ensure that we are making the community a better place.

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We evaluate all of your business technology with the goal of eliminating stress, streamlining workflows, and increasing profit. You have nothing to lose!

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