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Avoidable Heartache

Equifax, LinkedIn, United States Marine Corps, and Pennsylvania Department of Education are just a few of the well-known security breaches caused by human error. When mentioning names like these, it may sound hard to believe the cause was rooted in something so simple – negligence. This is why we, at Altek, preach Business Continuity and ongoing Managed Services to avoid network vulnerabilities by implementing proper security monitoring. We should also mention, 60% of businesses will close their doors within 6 months of a security breach. Fortunately, in their case, their businesses were large enough to overcome the financial hardship, but this isn’t always the case. And this doesn’t take into account how much future business will be lost. This kind of misstep can completely tarnish the relationship you have with your customers. Is that a risk you’re willing to take?

Let’s dive into the comparison of Break/Fix Services versus Managed Services when implemented in your business.

What’s the Difference?

Break/Fix Model

This refers to IT services provided on an as-needed basis with an unpredictable cost

Unpredictable Cost

The reactive approach can be devastatingly expensive and inconsistent, potentially putting you out of business.

Long Service Times

5 mins, 5 hrs, 5 days? Without a maintenance agreement, it’s hard to say how quickly you will receive the help you need.

Lack of Interest

You deserve a company who aligns with your business objectives and has your company’s best interest in mind.

High Risk

Without an in-house team managing your day-to-day tasks and prevention, you’re playing roulette with your business security.

Managed IT Services Provider (MSP)

This refers to ongoing IT maintenance and customer support billed at a fixed monthly rate

Fixed Pricing

No more complicated invoices. Monitoring, backup, anti-virus, and unlimited support included in one monthly fee.

Guaranteed Support

Priority response to critical issues. We resolve most problems with immediate remote support.

Proactive Maintenance

Constant surveillance of all networked hardware and software keeps down time to a minimum.


Retrieve critical data quickly using a dedicated backup server in the event of catastrophic loss.


90% of data breaches are human error


Avoid Phishing

Phishing attacks may also appear to come from organizations, such as charities. Attackers often take advantage of current events and certain times of the year, such as political elections, natural disasters (ie. fires, floods, etc.), health scares (ie. Corona Virus), and economic concerns (ie. IRS scams).

  • Examine the email address and URLs in all correspondence. Scammers often mimic a legitimate site or email address by using a slight variation in spelling.
  • Do not follow the link provided. If an unsolicited text message or email asks you to verify your account information, go to the company’s website to log into your account or call the phone number listed on the official website.
  • Do not open any attachments unless you are expecting the file, document, or invoice and have verified the sender’s email address.
  • Carefully scrutinize all electronic requests for a payment or transfer of funds.
  • Be extra suspicious of any message that urges immediate action.
  • Confirm requests for wire transfers or payment in person or over the phone as part of a two-factor authentication process. Do not verify these requests using the phone number listed in the request for payment.
  • All users should keep systems and software up to date and use a good anti-virus program. These programs are not foolproof, however, and computer users themselves often help cybercriminals get through these safeguards.

Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.

Let’s talk Managed IT.

We emphasize accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cybersecurity workplace and at home. Altek Business Systems can analyze your current infrastructure, network security, and office technology to create a plan that aligns with your company’s needs while staying within a monthly budget.